Premier Communityr Recognised For Her Quick Response

Congratulations! to Kirsty Chapman who received gift vouchers for the excellent review she received form the relative of a service user for her care and quick response in a difficult situation. Kirsty is pictured with Operations Manager Aidan Isterling. Review:
Since we began the care package with Premier Community last September, we have been very happy with the care provided for my mother in law.

The service has been reliable and consistent. The carers all take the time to get to know her, to talk to her, to find out what she needs and have built up a good relationship with her.

They’ve also been very good at communicating with us, and alerting us to any problems so that we can work out solutions in a timely fashion. Mum in law had a stroke yesterday whilst a Premier carer was with her.

The carer immediately recognised what had happened, contacted the emergency services, stayed with mum till the ambulance arrived, reassuring and comforting her, and then drove to the hospital, so she could stay with her in the emergency assessment unit and resuscitation unit until we were able to get there (we live an hour’s drive away). We’re so grateful for the care and concern showed in this frightening situation.