5 Ways to Celebrate National Older People’s Day 2018

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National Older People’s day was founded to celebrate the achievements and contributions of older people to society, as well as to ensure that we’re doing our best to give something back to older people. As the older population increases in the UK it’s important to recognise the importance of supporting older people to live happy and healthy lives. Here are a few ways that you can celebrate Older People’s day and give back to older people in your live or within your community.

No.1 Volunteer as a befriender

We all know what it’s like to feel lonely, but did you know that nearly half of all people aged 75 and over live alone? Volunteering as a befriender means either visiting someone in their home, or giving them a call to offer companionship and regular conversation. By taking part in one of the UK’s befriending programmes you’ll be giving back to your community as well as supporting a great cause.

Find out more at Age UK

No.2 Fundraise for a great cause

There are plenty of wonderful causes that help to improve the lives of older people in the UK and plenty of creative ways to raise funds. There are loads of charity organised events you can get involved in, or you can get creative wi


th workmates or friends and make your own. You could do anything between organising a bake sale at your workplace or going bungee jumping!

No.3 Take part in dementia research

You can help Alzheimer’s researchers understand more about how the brain works just by downloading and playing their new Game Changer App. By playing their fun and free app and playing for just five minutes a day for a month you can help paint a picture of how the brain works and hopefully help researchers to be able to spot the very early signs of dementia and use this information to create new treatments.

No.4 Visit your older relatives

It can often be difficult to find the time to visit older relatives between work and your own family, but regular visits and maintained relationships can mean the world to older relatives. If you’re part of a large family try to organise regular meals out or get togethers to help the whole family maintain relationships.

No.5 Spread the word

Spread the word on social media by using the hashtag #olderpeoplesday. You could share how you are celebrating the day or an inspiring story about an older relative.

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