Tips for Extending Your Mobility Scooters Battery Life

mobility scooter

The life cycle of your mobility scooter battery can vary dramatically however you should reasonably expect your battery to last around 2 years. With proper care and attention you can help to ensure your battery lasts as long as possible and avoid getting caught short with a flat.

When you get new mobility scooter batteries check the instructions for their recommendations but generally it is a good idea to fully charge and run down your new batteries a few times to help extend their life.

Take care to never run your battery completely flat. After each use check that no lights or auxiliary equipment are left on.

If you’re storing your scooter for more than 6 weeks you should try to fully charge the batteries before disconnecting them. Once in storage check and recharge your battery monthly.

If you use your scooter regularly or daily you should ideally charge after each use,  if your an occasional user you should charge overnight in preparation for when you are planning to use your scooter.

Never switch off your charger until the charge complete light comes on, and never overcharge your battery, ensure that your battery is not attached to the charger for more than 24 hours.

Always use the charger that has been supplied with your scooter, should this malfunction a replacement should be ordered through the manufacturer.

If you’re looking to purchase a mobility scooter don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice on the best scooter to suit you, we also have a range of great quality mobility scooter accessories available in store and online.