The Benefits of Laughing for Old People

older people

It’s often said that laughter is the best medicine, but is there any fact behind the old adage? There has been lots of research into whether laughter does have health benefits and the following are just a few ways that laughter is said to benefit your health;

Stress and Anger

Perhaps the most significant benefit of laughter is that is has the ability to quash stress and anger. This is because laughter releases endorphins that help to reduce the effects of stress and anger.

Pain Relief

As well as relieving stress, the endorphins that laughter are thought to release are also beneficial for pain relief. Whilst laughter is unlikely to have similar benefits to pain relief medication, it might be found to be beneficial alongside medication with long-term problems.

Burning Calories

It won’t beat a long walk or a session on the treadmill but laughter is widely thought to burn calories. Some studies have estimated that laughing between 10 to 15 minutes could burn around 40 calories.

Changing Perspective

Laughter can help us to see the lighter side of life and view things in a new, less frightening way when we’re able to laugh about it. We can take things less seriously and look at situations from the outside.

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