Keeping Warm and Healthy Over Winter

keeping warm

As the temperature begins to drop it’s important to take extra steps to ensure you and your loved ones remain warm and healthy. Older people and those with pre-existing health conditions are particularly vulnerable in cold weather and taking a few cautionary steps in cold weather can do a lot to protect your health.

Be Prepared

Coming up to a cold period you should make sure that your boiler and heating are working properly. Troubleshooting and fixing any issues ahead of the cold weather can prevent the risk of being stuck without heating when you really need it.

Check forecasts regularly to be aware of any upcoming shifts, in the winter milder periods can quickly give way to heavy snow and frosty temperatures.

Keep Your Home Warm

It’s important to try and keep your home 18c or above if you have limited mobility or pre-existing health conditions. If you’re healthy and active you can safely keep your home cooler, but you should try and keep your home around 18c. It can help to regulate your homes temperature to have a thermostat or thermometer on the wall.

You can help keep your home warmer by drawing curtains during the evening and closing doors to block out draughts.

Keep Wrapped Up

Even going to bed you should try to wrap up and stay comfortably warm, in very cold weather it may be beneficial to wear thermal clothing to bed and even a hat, as a lot of heat is lost from the head.

When going out take extra care to keep wrapped up with a hat, scarf and a substantial coat. Take care to assess the ground outside and wear suitable shoes. Well-gripped boots can do a lot to prevent falls in icy conditions, however if conditions are very bad you should assess how essential your trip out is and whether it can wait for a milder day.

Protect Your Health

If you’ve not already had the flu jab you should check whether you’re eligible with your GP, whilst flu can be harmless in vulnerable groups it may be severe. Try to eat at least one warm meal a day and plenty of hot drinks to stay hydrated and warm.

If you or a loved one could benefit from some extra support to remain independent in home don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced care advisors.