Tips for Driving Your Mobility Scooter on the Road

mobility scooter
Road traffic incidents don’t often happen to scooters on the road, however they unfortunately do occur sometimes. Here are our tips to minimise the risk of driving a 8mph mobility scooter on the road.

Avoid busy roads

Planning routes ahead of time can be a big help to avoiding busy roads and helping to minimise your risk. It is illegal to drive a 8mph scooter on motorways, bus lanes or ‘cycle only’ lanes. You should avoid dual carriage ways with a speed limit of over 50 mph, if you’re ever driving on a dual carriageways you should use amber flashing lights.

Often this can come down to common sense, if you think that driving on a nearby road will cause disruptions or danger, try an alternate route. This may mean that your journey may take longer, but taking the quieter roads whilst driving on your scooter is always a good idea.

Use crossings where possible

As with driving other vehicles you are legally obligated to indicate in good time to warn other drivers of your intentions when turning. Crossing often carries added risk with a mobility scooters are others driving fast on the roads may be unable to slow down in enough time to allow you to turn.

To avoid dangerous turn ins you should mount the pavement and make use of pedestrian crossings when possible. When mounting a pavement avoid tipping by approaching straight on rather than at an angle. Again, this may add a little time in your journey, finding an appropriate crossing, however it is well worth it to stay safe.

Make yourself visible

Whilst drivers should always be observant to what’s happening on the road, it can be difficult for drivers to notice mobility scooters due to their compact nature. You should take care to reduce risk and wear reflective clothing when driving your scooter on the road, reflective stickers also help to make you visible to other road users. Like other road users, you must also ensure that you turn your lights on when visibility is low.

Follow the highway code 

It is important to remember that all of the standard rules of the road apply: drive on the left, follow the Highway Code, and stop at red lights and zebra crossings. You should also remember that the same parking restrictions for cars apply to mobility scooters, you may use Blue Badges.