10 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Grandparents

christmas grandparents

Christmas is just around the corner and unless you’re organised, there are still presents to buy. It can be difficult to think of thoughtful presents for loved ones at Christmas, there are plenty of gift sets around but these can be impersonal.

Here are 10 ideas for thoughtful Christmas presents perfect for grandparents or any loved ones you’re stuck for gift ideas for.

Magazine Subscriptions

Despite the wealth of news and articles online, there are still plenty of great magazines out there to subscribe to. A hobby or interest magazine could be the gift that keeps on giving all year round. There’s everything out there to suit those your buying for from Top Gear Magazine to Gardeners’ World.

Something Home Made

Something home made can be a really thoughtful gift for a grand parent or older relative. Whether you start early and knit a hat or a scarf you know they’d love, or you make your own sweets or chocolates, there are plenty of things you can create that make a great gift.

An Experience or Trip

One thoughtful gift could be an experience or a weekend/day trip. This could be somewhere you know your loved one has always wanted to go, or an experience you think they might like to try, there’s lots on the market to appeal to anyone’s tastes. If your loved one has limited mobility or additional needs disabledholidays.com and icanexperiences.co.uk are great sites for  accessible trips and experiences.

Something Personalised

An item personalised with images of your family is a great gift for your parent or grandparent. This could be a calendar for the new year with pictures for each month, or a mug with a family picture printed. If your loved one has dementia, labeled picture books could be the perfect gift as image association can play a key role in reminiscing about pleasant memories.

Something to Connect With

A tablet device could be a thoughtful gift for your loved one, particularly if they have family and friends living across the world. Using Skype and other messaging services your loved one can easily connect with friends or family all over. There are also plenty of games and utility apps that can be helpful to everyday life.

A TV Subscription

Amazon Prime and Netflix have plenty of films and TV to appeal to everyone, and could make a great gift for your parent or grandparent. If it’s not for them, you’re usually able to cancel at anytime.

Gifts to Keep Warm

Older people might appreciate gifts that keep them warm at home, particularly during Winter. The cold can be detrimental to older people’s health, particularly if they have health conditions or limited mobility, find out more in our article about keeping warm. An electric blanket or even some warm socks or pyjamas could be a great gift they’ll use.

A Food or Toiletry Hamper

There are lots of hampers on the market with festive food or luxury beauty products. Although these can sometimes be a bit pricey, you can also create your own and personalise it with their favourite things.

Something to Make Life Easier

If your loved one has begun to find tasks around the home difficult due to reduced mobility, one thoughtful gift could be something that makes things easier for them. From specially designed cutlery to tools to help open cans and jars, there’s lots of products to help your loved one remain independent at our online mobility shop.


Flowers could be a lovely gift for your parent or grandparent, a seasonal arrangement or even a potted plant that lasts can be a foolproof gift for Christmas.

If you’re looking for extra help around the home for yourself or a loved one, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our advisors and set up a no obligation consultation.