How to Prepare Your Mobility Scooter for the Cold Winter Weather

mobility scooter

The colder months can present some challenges to using and properly protecting your mobility scooter. Parts can sometimes be susceptible to damage from water or cold and batteries can suffer if left in the cold. Here are our tips for winter proofing your mobility scooter.

Fully Charge Your Battery

It likely goes without saying but you should take extra care during winter that your battery is working properly and that’s it’s fully charged before you set out on your scooter. As it gets colder outside, being left stranded becomes even more of an issue.

Storing Your Scooter

Take care to store your scooter somewhere  dry to help to protect it from damage. If you plan on storing your scooter in a shed or garage make sure that there’s no way for water to get in, try properly cover your scooter when being stored with a waterproof cover.

Protect Your Control Panel

Snow and rain can sometimes present problems to your scooter as it can sometimes cause damage or shorten its lifespan. Making sure that your control panel is well covered by a mobility scooter rain cover  can help to prevent potential malfunctions or damage from the wet.

Check Scooter Tyres

As it becomes icy or snowy it becomes even more important to check your tyres for excessive wear and tear and that they’re suitable for the conditions. Consider your route when driving your scooter outdoors, mores widely used footpaths or roads are likely to be cleared first and the safest routes.

Dress for the Weather

As well as ensuring your scooter is properly winter proofed, you should also take care to dress for the weather. It might not feel too cold outside at first but if you’re driving a distance or outdoors for a while the cold can set in and lead to illness. Make sure you’re always prepared for a sudden snowfall or shower with fully waterproof clothing on or in your possession. As the days get darker you should also take care to ensure you’re fully visible to other vehicles with reflective clothing.