4 Useful App’s for Wheelchair Users

accessible apps

Apps can provide great utility for all manner of things nowadays and it’s great to have access to so much useful information right in your pocket. Here are a few great apps for finding everything from facilities whilst you’re out shopping, to finding a great accessible restaurant when on holiday.


Wheelmap is a great app for finding accessible places near you. Users can add new accessible places and rate their accessibility as either red, yellow or green. It also has information about the facilities to places so you can easily plan where to go or find places near you whilst out and about.


Flush is a crowd sourced app that’s great for finding toilets when out and about. You can get useful information about where the nearest disabled toilet is, as well as any information about access information if there’s a key or a code.


TripTripHurray is a personalised app that works similarly to Trip Advisor with search, scheduling and booking features that help to make things easier when traveling or just when out and about in the UK. Places are rated for their facilities and accessibility by other people, as well as listing lots of other useful information for your visit.


Although it only operates at the moment in London, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds and Liverpool, Uber has now introduced UberACESS. This allows user to order taxis much like with the main Uber App but with cars with adaptations for different needs, like allowing support dogs or with space to fit a wheelchair or motor scooter.