New Year’s Eve Activities for Older People

older people new year
The New Year marks a time of new beginnings for most of us, and even though Christmas has passed, we’re all still in a festive mood. One of the most wonderful things about the holiday period is enjoying the company of loved ones and friends. If you’re planning on spending your New Years Eve at home with older family and friends, there’s lots you can do to create a special evening.

A New Year’s Dinner

Even after all the indulgence of Christmas we’ve all often got an appetite for more. Creating a special dinner can be a great way to bring in the New Year. Whether you go big with a roast, or prepare some party food and nibbles, everyone appreciates getting together for a meal.

Board Games and Puzzles

Playing a game that doesn’t require lots of movement could be a way to make the evening run for all. Working together on a puzzle or battling it out with Monopoly, there are loads of games out there that are accessible to everyone in the family.

Get Musical

Everyone loves to sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ when the clock strikes twelve, but why not make you’re whole evening musical? You could sit and listen to a collection of favourite songs, or get more active with a sing-a-long or a dance. Another way to involve music in your night is to play a ‘Guess the Song Game’, there are lots of these on YouTube of all different genres.

Bake and Decorate

Part of the fun of Christmas is getting creative with cakes and food. You could make a night of baking treats and decorating creations together. These could also make great gifts for guests to take home.
No matter how you spend your New Year’s Eve we hope you have a wonderful time and we wish everyone a Happy New Year! If you would like to enquire about our services or even to just tell us a bit about how you spent your Christmas, don’t hesitate to get in touch.