Assistive Technology: Top 5 Smart Home Devices

assistive technology

Amazon Echo/Spot

Top of this list is a simple but revolutionary device that is the cornerstone of any smart home. The Amazon Echo or Spot can help you with everything from playing your favourite music, to telling you how the traffic is outside. The vast capabilities of Amazon Alexa can seem intimidating but once it’s set up it’s very simple to use. Whilst it’s basic capabilities are great, you can connect a number of smart devices to your Alexa device and control them by voice.

Hue Lighting

One device you can sync with your Alexa device are the Phillips Hue bulbs. It may seem like a small thing to be able to control your lighting by mobile device but it can prove very useful. Whether you’re too tired to get the lights before bed or you want to avoid fumbling for a switch in the dark. You can also set mood lighting as well as set timed lighting to wake you up in the morning.


It can feel like a constant effort to keep your home clean and tidy, Roomba is a powerful robotic vacuuming device that cleans floors for you whilst you make time for other things. Roomba learns the surroundings of your home and seamlessly moves through collecting dust and debris.

Ring Video Door Bell

You never know who’s going to be at your door but with Ring Video Door Bell you can screen visitors on your mobile phone and even talk without going to your door. Ring can provide great home security as well as convince when people come to visit.


It can sometimes be difficult to monitor the temperature in your home, and if you have reduced mobility it’s important to maintain a safe temperature especially during Winter. Nest can help you manage your homes heating from your mobile device, as well as saving you money in heating bills. The device even gets to know how you like the temperature at different times of the day and automatically adjusts.

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