Fall Prevention Exercises

fall prevention

More than 1 in 4 older people experience falls each year, whilst many falls are minor, falls can often lead to serious injuries that result in a loss of independence and mobility. Balance and strengthening exercises can do a lot to help prevent falls in older people.


Yoga can be a fantastic way to improve your balance and flexibility, helping to prevent falls for older people. There are varying degrees of difficulty meaning that it’s easy to take it at your own pace. There are lots of classes available for beginners in Yoga to help you get started. If you prefer to exercise in your own home there are plenty of great classes and programmes available though videos online like Yoga With Adriene, who even has a special programme for Seniors.


Strength Exercises

Gentle strength exercises can be done at home and often don’t require any special equipment. These exercises can be great for fall prevention, helping to strengthen your muscles. It’s important to take it steady when doing strength exercises as over-doing it could cause injury or muscle strain. The NHS site has a series of strength exercises great to get you started.


A pilates based exercise programme has been found to be effective in reducing the risk in falls for older people. Pilates is in some ways similar to yoga using poses to improve balance and flexibility, however pilates is more focused on strengthening your core. You may find pilates a bit more challenging but it’s easy to take it slow at the beginning.

Thai Chi

Thai Chi is thought to be very effective for fall prevention, one study even found that it reduced the risk of falls by 47%. Thai Chi uses slow, controlled and low impact movements which can be relatively easy. It’s thought to help older people to become steadier on their feet, as well as improving hand-eye coordination. Get started with some beginners exercises here.

If you or a loved one are worried about falling in the home, or you have recently experienced a fall which has made tasks around the home difficult, you may benefit from care at home. Contact one of our care advisors today to find out more about our care packages.