How To Replace Your Mobility Scooter Batteries

Whilst you can always take your scooter to be serviced and have someone change your battery over for you, it’s always handy to know the right way to change your mobility scooter batteries.

Always consult the manufacturers guide when replacing your scooter’s battery. This should give detailed instructions specific to your battery model. If you’re not sure of your exact model, you should call the manufacturer directly to find out the model. All scooters are different and the following guide is a general best practice, always double check against your manufacturers instructions.

Removing The Seat

Before you begin, put your scooter into drive gear rather than neutral before you turn it off. This will help to prevent your scooter whilst you’re changing over batteries. Each seat is different but in most models you are required to push levers or unscrew/remove pins. Depending on your scooter type you may need to remove your seat’s support column as well by fully winding it up and lifting it out. Avoid using much force to remove the seat as you could damage it, always remove as per the instructions.

Removing The Batteriesmobility scooter batteries

Remove the cover to access the batteries and take note of how the cables are attached for reference when reinstalling your new batteries. Unplug the batteries, usually via 2 plugs in-between. Disconnect any clips or straps that are holding it in place and then gently remove, taking care to keep your batteries upright. Once the batteries are removed from your scooter, using a spanner undo the bolts at the terminals to disconnect the wiring.

Installing New Batteries

Once the wiring is disconnected form your old batteries, reconnect them to your new batteries terminals, connecting red to red, and black to black. You can now place your batteries back onto your mobility scooter, reconnecting your electrics back to your batteries. Make sure you also put back in place any of the straps or clips that were previously holding your batteries.

You can now reassemble your seat onto your battery and you should be ready to go. Don’t forget to fully charge your new battery before first using. If you think you might struggle to lift your batteries from your scooter to disconnect the wiring, ask someone to give a helping hand, or see if your local mobility shop can help with your battery replacement. If you require any serving or advice on replacing your battery, don’t hesitate to contact our mobility scooter experts at Premier Community at 0800 3689923 .