Caring for dementia

Caring for dementia is Premier Communitys campaign for Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Action Week. This week runs from May 20th until May 26th.

Statistics show that more than half of the people living in the UK have been affected my dementia in some way. There are still many people who aren’t sure how to act around a person living with dementia.

As part of Dementia Action Week, we are taking steps as a company to spread awareness surrounding dementia. This includes advice and tips to help people with dementia. We will be posting these across our social media and on our website – so keep your eyes peeled!

We have also as a company taken steps to become Dementia Friends. This means are wanting our staff to take steps to become Dementia Friends and become a Dementia Friendly company overall. We’ll post a bit more about Dementia Friends and what being a Dementia Friend means next week.

We are also doing our bit in the office to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society. We’re looking forward to sharing some more details about this next week!

Every day, many of our carers are “Caring for dementia” and help our service users live as well as possible. We want to extend advice about living well with dementia and what we can do to help those living with the condition.

With such a high number of people affected – someone in the world develops dementia every 3 seconds – we all should be Caring for dementia.

We’ve put together a poster – Caring for someone living with dementia – tips and advice – we hope you find this useful!