5 Dementia Friendly Free Online Games, Puzzles & Activities

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People living with dementia still enjoy many activities and can lead varied and fulfilling lives. Activities that keep the brain “busy” can help with cognitive ability. These can range from crosswords to sudoku to bespoke computer games. However, as someones condition progresses they may struggle with these activities and may need help.

Below we’ve made a list of activities someone living with dementia can do online with minimal help, allowing them to be that little more independent.

Online Puzzles

Lots of people enjoy jigsaw puzzles. They can be a fun activity for people living with dementia, providing they’re not too difficult.

The good thing about online puzzles is that there is a wide range to choose from at different difficulty levels. Some websites, such as JIGIDI, can even transform your old photos into puzzles. This is great for triggering memories and conversation.

Colouring Websites

Adult colouring books have been popular in recent years, and it can be a fun or soothing activity for people with dementia.

Online colouring works well on tablets and touchscreen devices. It’s easy to tap and fill the white spaces. This is true for people in the later stages of the condition, when using a pen, pencil or computer mouse may no longer be possible. A good website to use is The Color.


YouTube is another great source of entertainment. The website’s huge archive of older videos is great for reminiscing. Whether it’s old music, TV or sports. Whatever a person’s interests, you’ll find plenty of choice available to browse and search.

Online Games

‘Brain training’ games are popular with people in the early stages of dementia and those that worry about their memory. While there is no evidence that these games will specifically help to prevent dementia, some studies have shown it can help aspects of memory and thinking.

Aside from ‘training’ the brain, online games can be good fun for people living with dementia. App stores and websites are full of free games and puzzles. Have a look for something that matches the person’s interests.

Music Playlists

Music and singing groups are often popular with people living with dementia, providing meaning and enjoyment into the later stages of the condition. Alongside watching videos on YouTube or BBC iPlayer, making a playlist of old favourites is perfect for playing in the background.

Playlist for Life is a website specifically designed for people living with dementia, while there’s also a huge collection available on Spotify. You could also try using online assistants such as Alexa, Siri or Google Home. These are capable of lots more beyond just music.

We hope that some of these ideas can help you!

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