Edith Hazard on her retirement

We’ve had a lot to celebrate here at Premier Community recently! One of our long-serving members of staff is celebrating her retirement from the company, Edith Hazard. Edith popped into the office and we had a quick chat.

Care as a career

Edith told us she always wanted to work in care. Edith made care her career after caring for her Mother, who sadly passed away.  Her niece helped her find a job and came for the interview with us, Premier Community. The rest, as they say, is history!

Edith recalled how her first day on her own she felt like a “scared little mouse” knocking on people’s doors! That didn’t last long, though, and she took to the job straight away.

“There’s a lot of value in having a cup of tea and a chat”

Her favourite part of the job is getting to talk to people and getting to know them. Edith said that we underrate the value of a good carer. Sometimes those care calls can be the only people that person gets to see all week. The value of a cup of tea and a chat can go a long way to cheering someone up.

A special mention from Edith goes out to the lovely staff she gets to work with: Emily, Kirsty, Charlotte and Anne. Also to her manager, Aidan, who she said is always there when she needs him. Edith explained the most important part of the job is the bonds she’s built with staff members and service users. It all depends on everyone working together.

Retirement plans

Edith is looking forward to her retirement and getting to spend more time with her 5 grandchildren. We wish her all the best for her retirement and a huge thank you for everything she’s done for us in her 11 years of being here. You’re welcome to pop in for a cuppa anytime Edith!

care staff celebrating her retirement
Edith collecting her £50 gift voucher and flowers as a thank you for all her hard work over her 11 years at Premier Community, pictured with Dan Isterling (Managing Director).

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