Get your mobility scooter ready for summer

Summer is well and truly in swing! We’ve had some especially warm weather lately, and with the sun out it’s the perfect time to get out and about on your mobility scooter!

However, it’s common for scooters to be stored away in garages or outbuildings throughout the colder months. This means your scooter might need a careful look-over and some preparation to get it summer ready.

A good scrub!

If your mobility scooter has been tucked up in the garage, shed or outbuilding for a few months, it might need a good scrub! It’s probably got a bit of dust, dirt and grime! It’s a good idea to give it a thorough clean.

While it will make your scooter look better, that’s not what it’s all about. It’s important to get under that dirt to prevent corrosion on any metal. It’s also possible for dirt to settle into the mechanisms and jam the movement.

Shake, rattle and roll

If you’ve left your scooter somewhere that fluctuates between hot and cold, it can cause contraction or expansion of parts. This means that parts of your scooter might become loose – whether it’s screws or electrics – this can cause rattling or movement in places it shouldn’t.

It’s important to test your mobility scooter before going out on a journey. This gives you a chance to check for any rattles or loose parts that shouldn’t be there. It’s important you tighten up anything that loose. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, you can always get in touch with us a Premier Community and one of our specialist engineers will be happy to help – just contact us.

Stay on the move!

It’s important to make sure the batteries in your scooter are both reliable and long lasting. A visual check is the best thing to do. If you see any liquid or residue such as battery acid, it’s best not to charge your batteries until they’ve been looked at by a professional.

If you’re sure your battery looks healthy, the next thing to do is charge your scooter to make sure the battery life hasn’t been affected.

Moving and stopping

It’s vital to have working tyres and brakes on your mobility scooter. It’s one of the most important safety steps, not just for yourself but those around you. Checking the tyre pressure on a monthly basis is one of the things you can do, whether it’s at home or with a tyre pressure machine at a petrol station.

For your brakes, it’s best to find a quiet, open and flat area to drive your scooter. Get up to speed and test the brakes. This lets you know there are no mechanical faults that could catch you off guard.

If you’d like some help, guidance or advice please get in touch with us – one of our specialist engineers will be happy to help!