What is home care?

Respite Home Care

Home care is the most flexible option around. In a care or residential home, many residents can become frustrated. There are many causes – from set routines to being in a new environment. In most cases it’s what works for the majority, not the individual person.

Home care is different altogether. This means you receive support tailored to your needs. You get to stay in your home, with your routines and support you decide.

What does home care mean?

Home care means having a trained carer come to your home and support you with tasks. These can be:

  • Personal care – showering, washing, dressing
  • Complex support such as catheter management or hoisting
  • Helping you take your medication at the right time
  • Helping you out of bed in a morning
  • Preparing meals or helping you to prepare you own
  • Housekeeping tasks from washing dishes to shopping

Home support covers a huge range of areas. It entails regular home visits from a carer at scheduled times in the day.

Your personal routine

Home support provides you with the freedom to choose what you want to do. Home care means you have a choice.

If you feel like getting up later or having a certain food for dinner, you only have to say so. Flexible care is all about keeping you happy and safe in your home environment.

Visits around you

If you only need someone to pop in in a morning and help you get ready for the day, that’s all you need to ask for. If you need a bit of support around your meals and would like some help, that’s what you need to ask for. You get to build your care package for what you want and need help with.

Evolving care

If your needs change, you can request your care change too. If you live with a condition that can progress (dementia or cerebral palsy, for example) you may need additional support. We will make sure we assess your needs and make sure the level of care you receive is accurate for your condition.

If you’d like to find out about how we can help build your bespoke care package, please contact us by clicking here.