Should you consider a career in care?

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Working in adult social care is all about helping people maintain their independence, dignity and control. Whether it’s providing personal care or practical support, you’re helping someone live their life. A career in social care is a rewarding experience; we’ve put together 5 reasons you should consider a career in care.


Not everyone wants to work a 9-to-5 job, in care that’s not a problem!

Care Workers skills are vital for thousands of people to live their lives every day. The help they provide is needed around the clock. The flexibility of shift patterns mean those with a career in care can fit their work around their commitments. Whether you have childcare commitments or you’re a student, there’s something for you in care.


You don’t need to be fully qualified to work in care, contrary to popular belief!

Here at Premier Community, we provide on-the-job training to ensure all our staff have the relevant skills required for the roll. We also offer all our staff the opportunity to gain qualifications while they work with us. Most of our management team have started off their careers as carers, there are many doors open for personal development.


One of the biggest benefits of working in care is diversity.

It doesn’t matter what role you go into, you’ll be exposed to different environments every day. No two days will ever be the same. You won’t be gazing out of the office window waiting for home time to come and no more days blurring into one. When you work in care, every day is different.


Perhaps one of the most talked about aspects of working in care, how rewarding the job you do is.

Every day you are helping someone who genuinely needs you. You’re allowing them to live their life just a little bit easier, providing the support they need. It’s incredibly rewarding knowing that you’re making that kind of difference to someone. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to develop a real relationship with the people you’re caring for, not to mention their family and friends. This is what truly makes working in care unique.


We know, we know, it’s great talking about how rewarding the job is and how the shifts can be worked around you, but we know everyone has bills to pay.

At Premier Community we pay our care staff a great competitive wage. Our band 1 carers are paid £10.30 per hour and our band 2 receive £10.80 per hour. We also offer attendance bonuses, unsociable hours pay and a loyalty service pay increase.

If you’re interested in taking your steps into a career in care, choose Premier Community and we can provide you with the support you’ll need. Have a look at our vacancies page or contact our recruitment team on 01623 810100 for more information.