Get out and about with AccessAble

Accessibility should be easy for everyone, right?  Have you spent hours planning a trip out –

Wondering if there will be disabled access or facilities? Have you visited somewhere and found access was not what you expected? This can make you feel stressed and anxious, worst case scenario it makes you feel like you shouldn’t go out at all.

This doesn’t have to be the case anymore, not when you use AccessAble.

What is AccessAble?

 AccessAble is here to take the chance out of going out. It give you the accessibility information  to work out if a place is going to be accessible for you. They have surveyed thousands of venues across the UK and Ireland – these include shops, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, hotels, railway stations and many, many more. You can use AccessAble to find wheelchair friendly venues or disabled access facilities.

How can you use AccessAble?

 AccessAble has both a website and a mobile phone app, which means it’s easier to use AccessAble on the go.

Start by choosing what venue you want to search for, shops, restaurants etc, and the location you want to search for. This will bring you up a list of matching venues. You can use this list to see the detailed access guide – including pictures – to determine if the location has the right access you need. 


Originally called DisabledGo, AccessAble was set up in 2000 by Dr. Gregory Burke. This was a result of his own experiences as a wheelchair user and disabled walker. Gregory became frustrated to find the best-case situation when looking for accessibility information was a few unhelpful words, which usually resulted in more uncertainty.

We think AccessAble has the potential to make a huge difference to peoples lives. It’s important to spread the word! 

If you need support with your mobility whether that’s a scooter, frame, scooter or something else our specially trained engineers will be happy to help, just get in touch here.