COVID-19 – Premier Community Plan

In light of the recent developments surrounding the emergence of Covid-19 (Coronavirus). We feel it is important not only to reassure that although the risk is currently low and is likely to remain low, we are fully prepared for an escalation. There is a lot of false information around and we want you to know Premier Community will only take official local and national authority advice.

We recommend anyone who is worried to seek advice from the below, trusted, sources:

Our contingency escalation plan run’s in line with the government. We are currently in the ‘contain’ phase. In this phase we feel hygiene and preventative measures are the best course of action.

Here are few key things we have begun to do;

  • All PPE worn by our employees has been overly stocked, including extra items being brought in where stock is available.
  • We are adding mandatory 20 seconds hand washing activities to our digital care plans on entry and exit to your property.
  • We are producing a refresher training course and communicating to our staff to complete over the coming days
  • We are making enquiries into individual contingency plans over the next few days encase of further escalation

What can you do to reduce risk in this phase?

  • Be aware of the symptoms and information on official media channels
  • Have household cleaning products or look at extra products available to our staff on arrival, if possible disposable cloths, to wipe equipment/worksurface’s before and after use.
  • Think through your own plan if further escalation was to effect staffing levels
  • Call 111 if you feel you have any flu like symptoms

We also have our own COVID-19 Advice Line which you can call on 01623 374 266 if you have any concerns you’d like further information or advise on.

It’s really important not to panic, we feel there is very low risk. As you already know our staff are brilliant, committed and well trained. Be assured we are very ready to work as a team to keep everyone safe.

Yours faithfully,

Tracey Poole

Care Director