Preventing falling in cold weather

Preventing falling in cold weather is essential; a simple slip on the path outside your house can have devastating consequences. The cold weather brings with its crisp mornings and nights. With the recent drop in temperature, we think it’s important to prevent slips, trips and falls this winter. The NHS say one in three adults over 65 will have at least one fall a year. As temperatures plummet, health bosses expect an increasing number of people to be affected and require urgent care. The winter months bring additional challenges with wet, cold weather, falling leaves, ice and snow become hazardous. Falls are one of the main causes of older people attending under pressure accident and emergency departments.

Clear Pathways

Here are a few tips to help in preventing falls:

It’s important to clear the pathways around your house, these can be coated with ice and water. If you cannot do it yourself dont be afraid to call on family, friends or neighbours.

There may also be trees around your property, which can be a hazard as they shed their leaves. These can block drains and walkways, and are very slippy to walk on – especially after it rains. In preparation for winter, these should be cleared, either by yourself or with someone elses help.

If you are able, when you have cleared the way grit or salt paths as a way of preventing falling.

Choose the right footwear

Something simple like wearing the wrong shoes can create a whole host of problems. Preventing falling will mean choosing footwear with rubber soles or strong grips. This will give you protection from slippery surfaces and give you a great you feeling of confidence.

Foot Care

Dementia, diabetes and Parkinson’s, can all have an effect on our feet. In Preventing fallling it’s important that you keep your feet healthy. This includes keeping your toenails trimmed, ensuring corns and calluses are treated, and always wearing a pair of socks that don’t restrict blood flow around your ankles and feet.

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Consider a mobility aid

If you find you are less steady on your feet in the colder weather, then a mobility aid might be able to help you regain your balance and confidence.

There is a wide range of mobility aids, but something as simple as a walking stick can help you regain your balance while you’re out and about to avoid slips. Our showrooms are full of good practical help when it comes to preventing falls in the winter. With showrooms in

Invest in gloves

It’s important to keep your hands free when you’re walking, you might need to react quickly to regain your balance.

Keeping your hands out of your pockets allows you to react quicker, investing in a good pair of gloves will keep your hands toasty but give you those extra few seconds of reaction time should you need them.

Preventing falls is really important and these small measures can keep you safe during the winter however, if you or a loved one need some extra support through the winter months, do get in touch with us: