Our COVID team

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve had a COVID Team who put themselves on the front line. Caring for our Service Users who have tested positive for COVID-19. This allowed us to provide care safely to all our Service Users, while minimising the spread of the Coronavirus.

Talking to the team

We spoke to some of the COVID Team and asked them how they found working throughout the pandemic. Alyona, part of the Coronavirus Team, told us how she’d found her time:

“Working on the COVID team was really rewarding, knowing it allowed the service users to be in the comfort of their own home during a scary time for them. It was daunting at first not knowing what each day would be like, but we built some great relationships with the service users.”


Hospital to home

Our COVID team allowed more of our Service Users to stay at home and receive the level of care they deserved. They also allowed more Service Users to be discharged from hospital and back in their own homes.

We have supported over 100 people from hospital back to their own community. Allowing them to be in their own homes throughout this time of crisis. It must feel daunting to be in hospital during this pandemic. Every individual we can support back safely at home relieves pressure on our remarkable NHS colleagues.


The Service Users the COVID team have received lovely gifts and recognition from the Service Users and family they’ve been caring for.

We want to say a massive thank you to our COVID Team for all of their hard work. It takes a special person to be a carer, and a brave person to be a carer in unprecedented times like these.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our care packages or what we can do for you, visit our Care Services page  or contact the office on 01623 810 100.