Community Registered Manager Tracy

How long have you worked for Premier Care?

I started with Premier Care on the 6th of October 2019, as a Community Registered Manager for the South Yorkshire area.

Tell us a bit about your previous work experience before being a registered manager, TracyTell us a bit about your previous work experience before being a registered manager, Tracy?

 When I left school, I started working in retail. I changed direction at the age of 27 when my Mum had a stroke and sadly died. Spending months looking after her I decided that care is something I wanted to do. Becaming a carer at Leonard Cheshire disability services. I went all over, just like our carers do now, and delivered care to people in their own homes. People from 18 years of age upwards with various disabilities, and I loved it! I progressed with Leonard Cheshire to senior and then became a locality assessor. It meant I went out and did all the assessments for care. I then became a Service Manager. I am very proud of this, as it gave me all the experience I needed to take the next step into home management.

Registered Manager Tracy
Community Registered Manager Tracy and her dog Nala

Managed Care Homes

Before becoming a Community Registered Manager I managed care homes, from the smallest 25 bed residential to a 75-bed nursing home. All for people with dementia, which is very close to my heart. After many years, I decided I wanted to return to Domiciliary. I have always been a great advocate of people remaining at home as long as they possibly can with the right support. Having had many a battle trying to get someone from a care home back into their own home!

On one occasion, a gentleman came into one of the care homes I was managing, and he and his wife both cried each day. He had been married to his wife for 65 years, and she visited daily. They begged me to help them get him back home, which was against all the odds, but after weeks of meetings with social workers, we did it! Watching him leave the care home and go back to his wife was one of my proudest achievements. Three weeks later they called me, and I was so happy. These moments are priceless, and that is why I do the job that I do.

What qualifications do you have (Level 3, 4 in Adult Health and Social Care etc.) for Community Registered Manager

I have an NVQ Level 3 and 4 achieved in 2006 RMA, the Registered Managers award in 2009 and a ILM 5 in Management, which I completed in 2011. I have a D32/D33 achieved in 2007, which meant I could assess carers who were doing their NVQ in care.

 What do you enjoy the most about working for Premier Care?

 I enjoy making a difference in someone’s lives. Helping people remain in their own homes for as long as it is safe to do so. As Community Registered Manager I can Remove any obstacles that stop this from happening, working with their social worker and other social workers. Nothing in life comes with no risk, and it’s about minimising that risk as safely as we can and weighing up their physical health against their mental health.

What’s different about Premier Care? 

Premier Care has invested so much throughout the pandemic and COVID-19, which is still very much ongoing. As Community Registered Manager it makes me realise how much Premier Care value their Service Users and staff, ensuring we can keep everyone as safe as possible. I am glad I am part of that.

And tell us a bit about yourself! 

 I am 57 years old and married. My husband Tim has recently retired after 38 years as a Social Worker. I am very proud of him as I know he was respected by all who met him for his kindness. I have a 30-year-old son who is my world. He was to get married this year, but COVID-19 restrictions meant we cancelled the wedding like so many others. It’s all set again for April 2021, and fingers crossed it will happen!

Sadly, we lost our West Highland White Terrier in November last year at age 16. We had her from 8 weeks old, so this was a very sad day. In July 2020, we decided to rescue a dog; she is a 6-year-old Long Haired Chihuahua called Nala. We love her so much. People tell us how kind it is to rescue a dog – but it’s a two-way street, and I think she saved us.

I love to travel, so this year have been very hard as we haven’t been able to do that. We like to travel around, not to beaches but sights. One of my most memorable holidays was touring around India, looking at the Taj Mahal, breathless it was so beautiful.

And for my sins, I am a great supporter of Sheffield Wednesday. And have been for over 40 years. We miss going to the matches now no fans are allowed, but I must admit, most match days, I would leave annoyed with the result! But I still kept going back like the true fan I am.

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