Gill Isterling- Company Development Manager


We asked Gill Isterling how long she had worked for Premier Community

I founded the company back in the day. So, I was here first! After taking time away from the company, I now work as a Company Development Manager. 

Tell us a bit about your previous work experience, what have you done previously? Have you worked in other industries? How has this carried over to your work in care? Or have you always worked in care?

I’ve always been passionate about looking after people well, and in 1998 I took the plunge to start the business. To begin with, we supplied Nursing Homes and the City Hospital in Nottingham with qualified staff and Carers. I was then providing consultancy and management to failing Nursing Homes. I split with my business partner at the time over standards and integrity issues, leaving me penniless!  

I began a home-help set up with the intension of growing into domestic care as soon as we had enough money. We literally ‘went past go’, collected £200 and reinvested. At this time, I did every operation of the business in one day! It was hard work and long hours. But the care was excellent, and the DNA of what we provide now was born.  I have lots of wonderful people to thank for the progression of the company,  we have had some excellent staff in those early days, all of them have left their mark on us. Still, Dan Isterling and later Tracey Poole have moved Premier Community on incredibly over the last ten years.

Change of Direction

For the last ten years, I have been a Baptist Minister, both a student at Mansfield Baptist Church. After getting my degree in Manchester, Minister at THBC, Lenton Nottingham, and loved every minute, especially in setting up and running projects for the homeless and our local community and leading worship, then in between the odd wedding, baby blessing’s and of course funerals. I have come to value all sorts of different cultures and faith groups and continued welcoming the LGBT+ community into the church in Lenton. I will miss Nottingham, but not for too long, as for a short time I will be based at the new showroom in Carlton. Better get the kettle on, cos there will be lots of people dropping in to say hello! I am still a Baptist Minister but without a church and plan to retire from this next year.

Winning the Tenants and Leaseholders Award from Nottingham City Homes for Best Community Group 2018


Throughout my time at Premier Community and in Ministry, I have been involved in voluntary work in Nepal, working in hospitals looking after families and children with Cleft Lip and Palate, taking teams from the City Hospital’s specialist unit and Premier Care. As a Minister encouraging and developing leadership and skills among women, I hope one day to use my company development manager skills to establish some micro-businesses for women to be able to raise their families out of poverty. I have been privileged to travel there every couple of years, and pandemics allowing, I would like to continue this work.

Entertaining the children with my iPad!

I have been part of two Pregnancy Crisis Centres. One in Kirkby and one in Mansfield places to turn in a time of crisis. Caring for women and men in an unexpected pregnancy, and follow an abortion. Of all the different things I have done in life, this has been the most rewarding and satisfying. Meeting and helping some courageous women and men along the way.

What qualifications do you have (Level 3, 4 in Adult Health and Social Care etc.) and when did you achieve these? What qualifications are you working towards?

General Nurse, Midwife, Level 5: BA Hon. Contextual Theology: Teaching and Assessing in Clinical Practice: The University of Life!

We asked Gill Isterling What she enjoyed the most about working for Premier Care?

As Company Development Manager my satisfaction is seeing this company continue to strive and grow towards excellence although I am sure there will be bumps in the road. No matter how much we grow, people matter, our workforce and those we take care of; It is so special when I hear how well service users and their families have benefited.
Whether I am in the Himalayas hills or here at home, I like to see people grow and reach their potential. To take a risk to help someone achieve their dreams.
I’m looking forward to the opportunity to innovate our services and strive to be the best and work with such a fantastic team.

And tell us a bit about yourself!  

61 years old, married to Robin, who is a semi-retired paramedic. Robin is the unsung hero behind the Premier Community; in fact, everything I do! He’s the one that gives me space and encouragement to go for my dreams. I’m not too academic. Leaving school before I learnt to read! Being a much more practical, down to earth sort of person who jumps off cliffs.


My family are special to me- Aidan; Ben and Claire, with Molly and Lucy; Dan and Carlie with Martha and George; Joe with Charlie; Tim and Rose with doggy Jasper and our doggy – Jack and a fair few fish in the aquarium! They are all very special, and I love it when we get together. Mum and Dad live locally, and mum has just been diagnosed with Vascular Dementia, which will now means a difficult and challenging time for us all going forward however, we will face each step in the journey with our usual fortitude.

I’m a people person and have loads of friends, but I also like a bit of peace, so Robin and I have a caravan in a remote bit of Scotland that we love to get away to as often as possible.
I’d say I was more spiritual than religious, but I do go to church, and I do enjoy being in a church community.
Robin and I love our football, he supports the Stags, and I support Liverpool, and it takes up a lot of our spare time, to be honest!

Gill Isterling Founder
Robin and Gill

Premier Community to me is one big family and if you would like to know more about working with us and how you can join our team have a look at our webiste