Coronavirus and car sharing

Car sharing is allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic with people outside of your support bubble for an exempt reason only. For example, if car sharing is reasonably necessary as part of your work. You can find more information on what is classed as an exemption by visiting the website.

However, it is hard to socially distance during car journeys. Where it is essential to car share, you can reduce the risk of transmission by:

  • keeping windows open
  • cleaning the car between journeys, especially areas people may touch – such as door handles
  • touch as few areas as possible
  • keep to one person per row if possible
  • consider cycling or walking if possible
  • consider a ‘travel buddy’ system to avoid travelling with more than one person
  • face coverings are advised to be worn, by both passengers and the driver

We’ve put together a handy graphic that you can save or print and share with information about Coronavirus and car sharing. You can download that here.