Our Safe Covid Response

It has been a long and challenging winter for everyone; it is true ‘these have been the best of times and the worst of times’, and Premier Community welcomes. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement of the road map out of the pandemic. We all hope that 21st June will be a date everyone can look forward too. Throughout the pandemic, Premier Community worked hard to ensure our service users, their families, and frontline staff are as safe as possible. It’s been a challenging time for everyone, with lots of initiative, ingenuity and decisive action, not to mention courage and kindness on the front line. Our staff, our Service Users, and their family have been magnificent, truly a Premier Community! Here is our response to Covid over the year.

Helping the NHS

During the first and second wave of Covid, we have been proud of our work with the NHS, freeing up space in hospitals, allowing the NHS to make beds available in the emergency without being overwhelmed. This covid response involved a mammoth effort by everyone, taking on new carers, providing a high standard of training, moving that training online and safely welcoming new service users home.

Care Director – Tracey Pool ‘Since the start of the Pandemic, we have set up and welcomed home an incredible 674 people’


As with the pressure mounting on the government, PPE became very limited in supply. In February, March and April 2020, it was a massive effort to ensure all our front line staff had a steady flow of aprons, gloves and masks. It was touch and go at times, at one point sourcing our stock from as far away as China! But we made it; we never ran out, even though our offices have become a warehouse of PPE, so we don’t run out in the future! To add a special thank you to the local authorities who did everything they could to support us, together this was a community covid response.

Covid Team

We set up our ‘Covid Team’ to look after all our service users who have Covid19. For these staff In addition to the standard PPE, we added full-body white suits, head shields and eye protectors for extra protection.

The Covid Team’s efforts have prevented other staff from passing on the virus. An excellent result for everyone especially our Service Users.

Local PPE Delivery

We have also employed a PPE local drop off driver to make all our PPE easy to access for our frontline staff, and it also means less need to travel in for other essentials.

Adapting and Thriving

The pandemic has been a challenge to us all. Like other industries and organisations, we have had to continually innovate and adapt in many ways to ensure our services remain first class. For example, the HQ has been overhauled and is a covid safe space for those who have to work centrally. We have also embraced the new technology available to continue to work as a team effectively. We see the benefit of our handheld devices, carried by our frontline staff. These put everything at their fingertips, including changes in rota, maps, a full training suite and a knowledge library. Importantly, paperless access to Digital Care Plans for all our service users and their families, keeping everyone in touch, is a real bonus for a family in these separated days.

We have added new technologies such as the ZOHO desk and our very own Call Centre, which enables us to be much more efficient and effective with our communication, especially when we don’t see each other face to face.
We hope that even this new website will keep the Premier Community in touch, with its growing body of information and news and a new live communication pop up. Of course, while the showrooms are not fully open, our customers can use the online shop.

Covid Response on Operational Pressures

Another covid response was to rearranging staff rotas staff for positive tests, symptoms of covid, isolating due to contact with others has also been a considerable challenge for our teams, both on the frontline and in the support received from HQ.

A Proud Covid Response

There have been so many hero staff stories, sometimes in unfortunate difficult and tragic. Service users are waiting for ambulances whose family cannot visit and carers stopping on into the night, just so that they are not alone; the kindness and compassion are heart-warming. All the hard work, including the many extra shifts and filling for colleagues. We have had so many beautiful tributes to their work, and rightly so. This year, we were so proud to win the Chad Business Awards as Professional Services Award Year 2020, a fitting tribute to our front line heroes.

Covid Testing

We are delighted to say that our staff now have testing kits available and weekly testing is mandatory in our organisation,  ensuring an extra layer of safety for our vulnerable service users, which is a great covid response

Vaccine Roll Out Response

Our staff covid response to vaccines has been excellent. We were in the first group to receive the vaccine, and to date, 259 have received their first dose. We continue to encourage everyone across our three counties to take up the offer of vaccination.

The Future Covid Response

Who knows what the new normal will be like in the coming months and years? Some of the things we have put in place for our covid response will remain because they work well; other things will return to a more familiar landscape.

There may be new things in the future we have to get used too, but you can be assured that whatever the future holds, we will continue to have our service users and frontline staff at the heart of all we do, ensuring that your Home Care services are as safe as is possible.

If you are considering your home care options don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! https://www.premiercommunity.co.uk/home-care-services

If you are interested in joining the premier community follow this link; https://www.premiercommunity.co.uk/about-us/join-our-team/