community Branch Manager

Congratulations to Tim Isterling, Maureen Bradshaw Stevens and Amy Kedzior. They are taking on new roles as Community Branch Managers in our showrooms at Ilkeston, Woodseats Sheffield and Carlton Nottingham. Taking us a step closer to becoming a real part of community living in local areas.

Becoming a Community Branch Manager’s is an exciting opportunity to work within one of our Community stores. Amy excelled in our ‘live’ operations team and says, “I am beyond excited about my new role and really grateful for the opportunity. I am looking forward to exploring different sides of the company and being face to face with customers. I cannot wait to make the role my own!” and Tim feels the same; “I’m looking forward to being able to welcome people into our store who are looking for products or services to help them remain independent and enjoy life”. I am especially looking forward to supporting our local staff and providing a space to collect the vital equipment, meet managers and feel part of a team.

Local Community Branch Managers

Community Branch Managers represent a new direction for our showrooms. Maureen brings an enormous wealth of experience from her time at Woodseats already. I asked her what the difference will be when she is a community branch manager? “Currently, my role is mainly in the retail side within the shops, ensuring that I deliver the best customer service possible. That the store is clean, tidy, and displayed and presented well. I was advising customers on the products as well. My new role means more responsibility within the store. Also, involvement with the live chat on our website, often people browse the website unsure of what equipment is available, so I will advise online using the knowledge I have gained during the past six years with the company”.

Amy Tim and Maureen have lots of plans for the future, but to be honest we are very excited about Maureen’s plan to have Open Days mainly because we have seen and tasted the cakes! Seriously, what a great way to bring the community together and be on hand for help and advise. Maureen is spot on when she says, I want to make the shop a place where customers feel they can pop in for a chat if they need any advice in the knowledge that they will not be under pressure to buy something and that we are there to help them in whatever way we can.

Community Branch Managers from the left: Amy, Maureen and Tim

Looking Forward

We aim to provide all our principal localities with a showroom and Community Branch Manager, where local people can access quality care services, products and advice. Tim sums it up when he says. “the showroom is much more than a shop for me. Suppose someone needs advice about funding options or starting sorting out care services at home, or potentially taking a step into Social Care as a career. I want people to come in and feel comfortable and safe, ask their questions without feeling under pressure.


We are waiting patiently for the government to give the thumbs up for opening our shops safely. At the moment, that could be as early as April 12th. In the meantime, as we wait for our community branch managers to start, we have limited opening in our Ilkeston and Woodseats stores. As well as an online store at any time just follow the links

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