Home Care Reviews that make us very happy!

Home Care Reviews

At Premier Community, we pride ourselves on taking on-board the feedback of our Service Users. We’ve had some fantastic feedback lately, and we’d love to share our Home Care reviews with you. Have a look at what the community have had to say!

“On Wednesday, 1st July, when the carer visited my Mum for her breakfast call, she found her in the bathroom with chest pain. The carer rang for an ambulance, waited with Mum until it arrived, let the office know to cancel her following call, and she stayed with Mum until the ambulance had gone. She then tidied up, locked up and then left. She has been in contact with myself and my brother on a regular basis enquiring how Mum was.

Mum had a massive heart attack, and if it wasn’t for the carer’s actions that morning, I don’t think Mum would have survived. Mum is now back home, and she was the first carer that Mum saw for her first call. It was very emotional to listen to as they spoke about that morning on 1st July. We can’t thank her enough for what she did, and we can’t say thank you enough – many thanks.” – 24th July 2020

We have some fabulous staff working for us and home care reviews remind us just how good they are!

Mum suffering with Dementia

“I originally wrote to thank the staff that attends to my mother. As my mother is suffering from a form of dementia she has a very short term memory now. The staff have successfully been able to be allowed to attend to her personal care on her legs that she previously had not allowed anyone to see to. When I have met two of the carers they displayed good and kind professionalism towards my mother.” – 16th August 2020

Recommended by a Friend

“Premier Care was recommended to me by a friend whose mother is a client. I was able to discuss the needs of my own mother, and arrangements were put in place quickly. I explained what was required and all the carers have been lovely with my mother (she has memory issues) and ensured she has been given a hot meal and dessert each lunchtime. They also chat with Mum, and she has told me how much she enjoys seeing the carer and having a natter.

I have needed to change the arrangements a couple of times, and nothing is too much trouble when I phone. I also have the app, so I can see when the carer has been and read their report. It is reassuring for me to have this help as it will enable me to keep Mum in her own home as long as possible.

I started off with 3-lunchtimes a week and have now increased it to 5-days a week as it has been such a success. I would not hesitate to recommend Premier Care, they have made such a difference not only to my Mum but to me as well.” – 3rd September 2020

Good Systems

I can’t thank Premier Care enough for their wonderful system of support and care. They are not only 100% reliable and efficient but also all of their staff from the office to the carers carry out their jobs with such a lovely attitude that is a pleasure to see and hear. My mum and dad feel in the safest possible hands, especially during this concerning, virus-ridden time. Bravo Premier Care. Keep it Up! Thank you – October 2020

Sometimes you dont need a lot of words or home care reviews

Excellent! January 2021

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A huge thank you to the care staff that make these reviews possible, delivering top-quality care every day

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