Walk All Over Cancer – Wellbeing Wednesday

Micheal Shelley has been busy organising us to Walk Over Cancer with Premier Community

Wellbeing Wednesday

Everyone has been encouraged to look after themselves during the pandemic; mental health has rightly become a significant concern over this past year. Micheal Shelley is one of our Business Operations Managers at Premier Community. He wanted to help his team stay healthy, especially as they faced the unique and stressful challenges of Covid19. After some thought, he set up ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ for his teams and its been an amazing success story.

Every Wednesday, Micheal sends out an email to choose an activity the team can do on their own throughout that week. The aim is to do something that brings them togetherness. The team has chosen yoga and meditation, but there are also suggestions of a book club and a knitting club.

Micheal Shelley enjoying his 10,000 steps.

Walk All Over Cancer

Michael wanted to take it further and set up a challenge to raise money and to keep fit simultaneously. He chose Cancer Research’s ‘Walk All Over Cancer.’ This year has definitely been challenging for people living with Cancer; the pandemic has meant limited screening, with GP appointments difficult to get to. Michael also has a personal motivation for this challenge. As a young lad, he had a friend who died of cancer, making it very close to his own heart. It works for ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ because they didn’t have to walk together but remain a team all of which makes this an ideal activity for the team.

Walk All Over Cancer

The challenge seemed to tick all the boxes and more. Michael managed to pull together three more colleagues to Walk All Over Cancer, Heather, Natalie and Nikki and other colleagues to sponsor them. Together they are walking an average of 10,000 steps a day in March for the charity. They set out to raise £150 each and are currently at £515.01, so they are doing a fantastic job as we move closer to the end of March.

Each person on the team has their own reason to walk, and Heather explains her own special reason, “I am doing this in memory of my big sister who fought her hardest against skin, lung and brain cancer.”

Heather has a very personal reason for her walking

Still Time to Get Involved

Premier Community are really proud of the effort Micheal and his team have made and will double the final amount raised. We would like to support some of our local community charities out there, so if you want to do something in our name get in touch with me at gill@premiercommunity.co.uk and we will add a little something to the pot. There is still time to make a donation to this amazing effort so get online and give give give!

We have some very special people working in our Premier Community, if you would like to be one of them, why not contact us.