Looking After Your Stairlift

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Choosing your stairlift

Thinking about a stairlift? At Premier Community we want to care for your independence. Stairlifts have helped thousands of people continue to live happily in their homes. However, we also know that choosing to purchase is a significant life decision, not just because of the financial costs involved but also because of its effect on your home’s appearance. Therefore naturally, if your thinking about a stair lift you will want to choose the right one for you and your home.

Premier Community can help

  • We provide sales staff that allow you the time, space and advice to make the right choice for you and your home.
  • We are more than happy to give you a free no-obligation home survey to discover which stairlift would be most suitable.
  • With new and reconditioned models, you will find the right choice for your budget.
  • Reconditioned models come fully serviced, and our new models have the option of an extended warranty.
Many happy years in your own home

Keeping Your Stairlift Clean

Once your stairlift is fitted, you will want to keep it in good working order and clean. But before you do anything, take time out to read the manual as the manufacturer will have more specific instruction to follow.

Treat your stairlift like any other part of your home and clean it as part of your cleaning regime. Never use solvents or bleach for cleaning; stay away from household products altogether. We recommend a simple damp dust of the structure and seat. This will prolong the life of the stairlift, keeping it looking bright and ensure good hygiene.

Every 2- 3 months after cleaning, lubricate the tract element, but be careful not to lubricate the chain as this will make the stairlift slide dangerously.

Caring for your Stairlift – Servicing

A stairlift has many different elements:-

  • A motor to power the movement
  • A battery that powers the motor
  • Gears to move the stairlift up and down.
  • A remote control unit
  • A seat and footrest
  • A Seatbelt
  • A battery charger
A stairlift need a regular service plan

Because your stairlift has many moving parts, whether you buy a new or reconditioned model we recommend an annual service for your safety and to prolong the life of your stairlift.

At Premier Community our qualified engineers are, vetted technicians dedicated to servicing and maintaining our customers’ equipment including stairlifts. You can arrange a home visit from our showrooms or online here:

Which Magazine have an excellent article on stairlift related issues you might find useful when thinking about purchasing a stairlift