How to Maintain & Service Your Mobility Scooter

Looking after your mobility scooter

A few simple instructions to help you look after your mobility scooter well. These will help you add life to your scooter for many more years to come. Please remember always to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, when looking after your mobility Scooter If you look after your scooter it will definitely look after you too!

Visual Inspection

An effortless thing to do each time you use your scooter is to check it over visually, have a good look around it and make sure everything looks as it should.

Keep your mobility scooter dry.

Because your mobility scooter is not waterproof, and keeping it dry while out riding can be tricky, if not impossible! It would be unrealistic to say, ‘don’t use the scooter in the rain’. However, if you do get caught in a shower, don’t panic. Find cover quickly, wipe it down with a dry cloth, paying attention to the electrics and upholstery.

A mobility scooter can really help independance but only if you take good care of it – look after your mobility scooter

Battery Care

For obvious reasons, one of the most critical parts of the mobility scooter is its battery. Looking after your mobility scooter will mean looking after your battery too.

All mobility scooters come with some guidance for the battery. These instructions will tell important information. How long the battery will last on a full charge, based on surface, load and speed. If you purchase your mobility scooter from Premier Community, our engineers will be able to give you this information.

The battery will need to be fully charged before its first use. It will not provide maximum capacity until 10-20 charging cycles. 


  1. The battery will discharge when the mobility scooter is not in use, so it would be advantageous for your storage place to have an electricity supply for recharging.
  2. That no matter how well you look after the battery, its full capacity will reduce over time, so we recommend having your battery tested as part of an annual service.
  3. Keep it in a dry environment
The most important part of your scooter

Storage of your mobility scooter

It’s essential to store your mobility scooter in a suitable place, ideally, where the environment is a steady temperature, and you can keep it free from dampness, as well as be able to check it regularly and keep it secure.

If the place you choose does get damp, remember to use a cover to keep it dry. Use the link below to search our range of covers.

Regular Service

We recommend you carry out a service on your mobility scooter at least once a year to ensure that it is still in proper working order and any necessary repairs can be made. If there are any issues found with your scooter, having them repaired can prevent further damage that may be irreversible.

You should also carry out a service if you notice any change in your scooters performance, if it begins to make concerning noises or squeaks or if you notice your tread becoming shallow. 

At Premier Community, a new mobility scooter comes with a two-year guarantee for parts and about. We also service scooters, whether they were purchased with us or not. there is also a wide range of parts available, with an extended warranty on new parts.

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