Social care – and career pathways

Working for Premier Community as a community carer was a great career choice for Michala; it gave her tremendous satisfaction and invaluable life skills on her career pathway into health care. Here is her story.

Michala’s Story

Coming from a teaching background initially, I never imagined that I would become involved in care work at some point. However, in 2017 my husband became unexpectedly critically ill. I spent lots of time in the hospital with him, and it became apparent how hardworking and dedicated the staff were. More than this, it made me realise I wanted to get involved in helping and caring for others, but I knew I had a lot to learn.

I began teaching First Aid, which was rewarding, but I also wanted a more ‘hands-on’ experience, so I enrolled for a Masters degree in Paramedic Science at NTU.

Career Pathway with Premier Community

After my course began, I noticed Premier Community were looking for Cares to support service users in their own homes. A perfect match for me because I wanted to help people and make a difference, so I applied and began working for the company.

I found working for Premier Community alongside studying for my degree was an invaluable experience. The daily contact with service users enhanced my communication skills and allowed me to develop my knowledge and understanding of a wide range of people with vastly differing needs. I built up a lovely rapport with the people in my care and also with their families. The opportunity allowed me to supplement my knowledge of pharmacology by supporting the service users with their medication needs and reporting any concerns to access the best care quickly and efficiently.

As a self-critical person, I rarely celebrate my strengths; however, one of the lecturers at university told me that I was just what the Paramedic profession needed on account of my communication skills, patience, and empathy. I believe these attributes are largely down to my time spent working for Premier Community. I am grateful for these opportunities and the support I have received whilst striving to achieve my career goals.

Professional Development and career pathways

At Premier Community, we want to see everyone reach their full potential.

This could mean progression within Premier Community. A massive 85% of our managers are internally promoted.

Or as a stepping stone into social work and the health care professions. Nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy or paramedics etc.

As Social Care and Health Care sectors continue to come closer together, the options become more exciting for career pathways.

Exciting appointment for the future

Deborah Sturdy was recently appointed the first-ever Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care in England. I recently attended a conference with Deborah as a Keynote speaker, outlining her vision to see the role of social carer lifted to enjoy parity with health care workers. We believe as social care providers, we have a role to play in this vision. Ensuring all our carers have access to excellent training and supervision.
Premier Community welcomes her appointment and looks forward to reforms in the ‘workforce strategy’ and ‘integration’ agendas. I’m sure Deborah will champion the career pathways that will develop further.

Chief Nurse for Social Care – Prof. Deborah Sturdy

Join our Winning Team

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