Celebrating 25 years of service

July the 4th famous for being independence day. It also represents a very special day for our Premier Community. It’s our birthday and this year it’s a bit of a special one. We are celebrating being in health and social care for 25 years. A quarter of a century! We have been around so long that we are not only a second-generation family business. We are also looking after two generations of families in our communities.

Hitting major milestones like 25 years in business are great moments for us to look back and reflect. In doing that It is always the great people who our service has been built on that bring the fondest memories. Working at Premier Community for over 10 years there is no doubt that overcoming our challenges and setbacks has helped shape us. We now provide over 12,000 visits of care a week. Also, our time in the industry has helped us innovate. For example our unique concept of a high street presence in our Premier Community Stores.

Our Journey

So if you haven’t read our article in the chad recently here is a digest of our journey to where we are today;

Premier Community was set up by Gill Isterling in her back bedroom 25 years ago. At the time Gill quit her role in nursing, with 5 young boys and without much of a financial safety net. Gill was convinced there was a much-needed gap in care in Mansfield. Inspirationally over those first years, Gill carved out a reputation in Home Help and gained CSCI (CQC) Registration to provide.

It’s easy to gloss over the first ten years. However, as any new business owner will tell you took graft. Whether it was financial pressure or services not being at standard Gill acutely would feel that. Being her Son I remember Gill working on rota’s late into the evenings. Or going off to help colleagues in a situation. However, in 2006 we began to see the benefits of being awarded our first local authority contract.

Demand grew the service which allowed Gill to employ more support and some great people! When I joined the business in 2010 it was a fantastic little atmosphere and place to work. On record, I have enjoyed working with everyone on my personal journey to becoming Managing Director. Gill had built a special team.

Over the next 10 years, we grew into the largest independent home care provider. We won awards and accolades together as a team. Subsequently increased our offering from Stairlifts to Mobility Scooters. All with everyone in our Community ensuring we follow our holistic mission; Caring for your independence.

What Next?

To keep it simple. More of the same. We want to organically grow and take our mission further afield never at the expense of quality. Overcoming the challenges of Covid has really put a focus on health and social care’s importance to our communities. Therefore we want to help shape integration models with the NHS and Local Authorities. We want to build our website to help advise and support people.

Premier Community Family Business
Robin Isterling and his 5 son’s. All working in the Premier Community

Celebrations planned

We are going to have a few events and competitions this year. This year we will be a major sponsor of the Chad Business Awards, and have series of events planned to mark our 25th anniversary. The official opening of the new warehouse at the Millenium Business Park in Fountain Court, Mansfield, takes place on July 9, when the Mayor of Mansfield Andy Abrahams and Farad Amirsaeedi, the local council’s senior regeneration officer for enterprise and investment will cut the ribbon and join staff for the tour of the HQ and a Covid-friendly lunch.

Unfortunately, we can not open up to more than 30 people at this first event but we have a few plans to include all our community in events over this next year!

And Finally

Thank you for the support in our journey. Whether you are a team member, customers or another stakeholder we really our blessed to be running such a rewarding service. We hope we can continue to make our communities a great place to live for many years to come…

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