Staying Independent

Living independantly can be a very challenging journey

As we grow older, staying independent becomes more challenging. Most of us can determine our actions and decisions throughout our adult lives, but as we reach our older years, the extent of our independence can reduce as a result of changing mobility or health. Life can often be uncertain and unnerving as a result. Change is inevitable, but sometimes it is unwanted. Here are some ideas to help someone live their life to the maximum, and stay as independent as possible.

It is no secret that letting go of our independence or watching someone lose their independence is a tough process. Having to let go of daily activities once loved can be a cause of great grief and frustration. There are no easy options, but here are some suggestions that might enable independence and a sense of well being.

Keeping Routines

Try to continue regular activities such as attending church, visiting relatives, or reconnecting with old friends or groups that were previously special, if this is not possible explore having those connections come and visit. where ever possible continue the shopping trips, visits to the library or theatre.

At Premier Community our Companionship Care offers support with all of these activities if required. We are also able to make our call flexible enough to have an active social life. You might also want to take a look at our online shop that supplies products to help care for your independence.

Staying Independent in Day to Day Living

Independence also requires enablement in day-to-day tasks, wherever possible—filling in the gaps practically when needed, being creative and taking time. It would be easy to jump in and do things more quickly and efficiently; thinking your way is best.

It’s not always possible, but taking part in small things such as planning meals to more complex tasks such as folding the laundry, participating in shopping, cooking and cleaning, can help a person feel more fulfilled. The space to make choices, decisions such as what TV shows, radio programs, and music they want to listen to, what time to go to bed and get up in the morning all contribute to a sense of dignity, control and fulfilment.


Empowerment is essential for staying independent and for all of us to feel confident, have a voice, and feel in control of our actions. At Premier Community, we are very particular about our service users being at the heart of their care, make their own decisions about the things that affect them and being responsive to requests. It’s good to keep things straightforward, and so our care plans are open-ended because life changes all the time, and we are all different. As we get older, sometimes we need that little bit of time to process and comprehend. All of us should take that time to listen, empathise and encourage.

Daily Exercise improves staying indenendant

Daily exercise is another excellent way to feel as independent as possible and keep healthy. Activities like gardening, short walks, and swimming will help. It doesn’t have to be that strenuous. Chair exercises are also popular. If you are on the internet, there are lots of videos you can join. You might find that your local community has social groups dedicated to supporting older people to keep active.

Notts help Yourself have all sorts of activities for different ages right across the county. Use our link below to get to their page

Similarly Age Uk have a good page to look at in Derbyshire

Keeping the Brain Busy

Keeping the brain busy is a fantastic way to keep the cogs turning and for staying independent. You could do this by playing card or board games, doing sudoku or crosswords, working on a jigsaw puzzle, playing along to the TV game shows, or following your favourite sports teams. In other words, do the things you love!

Mobility product that can give a new lease of life, improving the quality of life and enable you to stay independent

Staying Independent with Safety First

Putting safety first will prevent injury that can further reduce independence—removing hazards such as rugs, low furniture and hanging wires that cause trips and falls—adding handrails, ramps and stairlifts if needed. Personal Safety Alarms are very popular and help with confidence. Premier Community stocks a watch with many safety features, including a falls monitor and GPS tracker. It allows family or a help centre to communicate at the touch of a button.

Premier Community caring for your independence

You don’t have to navigate this journey alone; Premier Community can also help, support, and guild you along the way. We are all about “caring for your independence” Everything we do is focused on this, whether its our Home Care Services, such as personal care, companionship care or Home help we are there for our service users. Our range of products in our showrooms or online ensure you have all you need to live as independantly as possible.

We take our time to ensure that our service users feel safe and secure in our care. Why not visit our website to find a service local to you.

Article Written by Alicia Tilley