The daunting maze of social care – help is at hand!

Help is at hand

The daunting maze of social care can be incredibly confusing and challenging for vulnerable people and their families. Especially when they are in a crisis and need help for the first time. Services can be stretched to the limit and fragmented, making support hard to find, leaving people not knowing where to turn first.

Help is at Hand

That is why Premier Community have set up their new Help and Advice hubs at our mobility showrooms. Somewhere to turn in the middle of the bewilderment. A space to sit and chat and be listened to with no agenda to sell or push our services. A place to be signposted in the right direction for your requirements. All you need to do is pop in-store and make an appointment. We understand that decisions often need to be made in a hurry; that’s not a problem as we have same-day appointments if needed. However, for many people, the showrooms will not be accessible. Therefore there are other options available and highlighted at the bottom of the article and the address of our showrooms.

Our Showroom in Carlton with the Help and Advice Centre at the back

Gill Isterling

Our founder, Gill Isterling, has over 45 years of experience in various one to one roles, in nursing and midwifery, social care and the voluntary sector. Her background has been invaluable in setting up this new initiative. Gill has joined our support team to meet the needs of a growing number of enquirers facing the daunting maze of social care. People struggling to make headway in the system, needing somewhere to turn. We are pleased to say it has been a wonderful success so far, helping many people in challenging times. Although we know there is still a long way to go before people can get all the help they need.

Gill is passionate to help people access all the help they need to help their independence

Gill says, “It doesn’t matter to me whether or not you use our home care services, as sometimes home care is inappropriate and not the best option. We are more than happy to signpost to other companies if we don’t cover your area or meet your needs. Above all what matters to me is that people have somewhere to turn, space to be listened to and supported.

Breaking the daunting maze of social care with partnerships

Gill goes on to say, “I am seeking out partnerships for ‘signposting’. For instance, we are currently working with ‘Dementia Connect’. An excellent initiative from the Alzheimers Society providing local help for families where dementia is a challenge”. Partnerships like this build-up resources; moreover, they prevent fragmentation by joining up services something we need to do more and more and most importantly this can only be good for service users and their families. If you feel your organisation might like to partner with us in this venture do get in touch with me Gill Premier Community.

Its Personal!

“Even though I have professional experience, my personal journey of needing help with my own parents has been a rude awakening. Particularly to the critical decision making and the intense emotional feelings in a time of crisis, if just listening to one person can help their journey the project will be worthwhile for me” says Gill.

Dont Find Yourself Alone in the Maze of Social Care

In conclusion, then, the daunting maze of social care can be broken for people. It will need a lot more resources and resolve with the social care sector. However, for now, the small steps we have taken to help people access the care service they need in their local communities will be important for some. We hope that this will help as many people as possible at a very challenging time in their lives.

Finding Help and Advice


  • Carlton – Nottingham: Unit 2, 305 Carlton Hill, Carlton, Nottingham NG4 1GL
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  • Woodseats – Sheffield: 17-21 Abbey Lane, Sheffield, S8 0BJ
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