Keeping Staff Safe in the Community

Premier Community want to ensure we are keeping our staff safe in the community. However, it seems we are not the only ones! A BIG shout out to The Soldiers Ex- Servicemen’s Club & AJS Party Décor in Shirebrook. Both donated 48 personal alarms for Premier Community staff in our Shirebrook Team. Wow, what a fantastic gesture thank you so much. We think that’s a wonderful gift and really appreciate being part of the Shirebrook community.

Of course, we have over 450 employees and the vast majority work alone in local communities across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire and so for our part in this initiative, we are giving Premier Community Personal Alarms with key safe torches to the rest of our workforce from today as well.

Premier Community Personal Alarms and Key Safe Torches

Technology Keeping staff safe at Work

Lone working is a risk, and we want to do as much as possible to reduce that risk. Technology has played a big part in helping us with this. For example, staff all carry mobile devices which enable our ‘Live Team’ to be ‘virtual companions’, although this is reliant on mobile network coverage. The devices also have ‘mapping’ software showing the safest routes to calls, along with monitored scheduled appointments showing carers arriving and leaving. There is also a number of apps lone workers can use to interact with families and friends if they are worried about their safety, such as WalkSafe, recommended by Techradar . WorkSafe gives real-time data from the police about the area you are moving through. It allows the user to set up time frames with other people to monitor your movement. All these initiatives, including good practice guidelines, policies and procedures, help to keep our staff safe in the Community.