Pre-recorded video interview tips

video interview tips

Hi, my name is Tim, and I have some video interview tips for you! I’m part of the recruitment team at Premier Community. I see literally hundreds of video interviews and thought it might help to give you the benefit of my experience. So here goes.


Don’t forget it’s still an interview, and all the usual rules apply! the one thing you don’t get is the chance to gauge our body language, we cannot affirm your answer so be positive right to the end. I’ve seen some make the false assumption that it’s all going pear-shaped when actually it’s not at all. So keep focussed and finish well.
For equality purposes, we shortlist on a scoring criteria basis so it is worth the planning and preparation to get things right.

Video interview tip 1 – Dress for success

A Picture is worth a thousand words: Present well! Zoom PJ’s might not work for this occasion! Seriously, it’s worth making an effort to smarten up, it tells us you are serious, professional and this job means something to you. Dress for success and consider wearing the same outfit you would have used in a face to face interview.

Also, remember to maintain a good posture and keep good eye contact with the camera.

Video interview tip 2 – Plan well in Advance

Where you’re going to do the video interview? Find a quiet location, where noises and people won’t disturb you. It won’t be a disaster if your photo bombed! but it will distract you and maybe us. It’s a good idea to let everyone in the house know you’re about to start the interview so they don’t interrupt. Close any software on your computer that might play notification sounds, and switch your phone to silent to guarantee you won’t be distracted.

Make sure the room you choose is tidy with a clean and simple background so that the recruiter focuses on you.

You need to think about the lighting, as it won’t be a great interview if we can’t see you. Use either natural light from a window or put a lamp in front of the camera and adjust the distance to get the best result.

Video interview tip 3 – Practice makes perfect

Don’t be afraid to have a few rehearsals before the live event. This can help you set the scene, checking the background and getting the lighting right. Rehearsals will help you stay more relaxed when it comes to the real thing.

Hope the blog has been useful for you – Tim Isterling

Video interview tip 4 – Last but not least

Be yourself, try and relax and enjoy it, it’s your time to shine and we want you to succeed

Close the video interview by sharing your appreciation! Always good to hear!

Come and join our Premier Community Team team Hope to see you in a video interview!