Chad Business Excellence Awards


Proud of the Premier Community Team for reaching the final of the Chad Business Excellence Awards. After winning the Business Service Award last year, we have been nominated to the ‘Covid Response’ and ‘Community Initiative’ categories this year.
It’s a real encouragement for all the professionalism and hard work the team has put in during the pandemic.

Dan Isterling our Managing Director with last years award for Services of the Year

Proud of our Covid Response and Community Initiatves

Our story is about adapting and thriving as we care for those in our communities.

The supply of PPE was a massive effort to ensure frontline staff had a steady flow of aprons, gloves and masks. It was touch and go at times, at one point sourcing our stock from as far away as China! But we made it; we never ran out, even though our HQ became a PPE warehouse.

One Covid Response PPE Storage at our HQ

We introduced local drop off points for our staff. We formed a ‘Covid Team’ for service users with Covid19, adding full-body white suits, head shields and eye protectors for protection.

Operations – business excellence

Operational management moved from HQ to online, including training, recruitment, care planning, communicating, invoicing and payments. Embracing new technologies, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoho Desk, and Mobizio (training platform), enabled effective teamwork.

Staff Isolations – business excellence

Self-isolating increased sickness levels, and our staff worked hard to fill the gaps. To safely make and communicate changes to rotas, we benefitted from handheld devices carried by frontline staff, placing everything at their
fingertips, including changes in rota, maps, a complete training suite and a knowledge library. Importantly, paperless access to Digital Care Plans for all our service users and their families kept everyone in touch, a real bonus for families when separated.

Our middle management structure had to change to absorb the extra work and provide more on-call cover.

We also added an in-house call centre to handle the additional call traffic.

At the hieght of the pandemic we closed our high street showrooms and developed a new website with interactive functionality, including an online shop. Mobile PPE drops were also introduced to reduce the travel time for staff.

A Caring Community – business excellence

So many stories, sometimes tragic, here’s just one that warmed my heart; A Service User struggling to breathe, waiting for the ambulance and the carer stopping on into the night, just so that they were not alone.

The Best story of all, at the peak of the pandemic, we have welcomed home an incredible 674 plus people from the hospital, helping our NHS clear space for emergencies.

There are three other commendable finalists in the Covid19 category. I’m sure they will join us in being encouraged by the nominations as far as I’m concerned; we are all winners in the Chad Business Excellence Award 2021

Join A Winning Team – business excellence

It’s great to be part of a winning team, the Chad Business Excellence Awards are so special to us. adding that little bit of encouragement to go above and beyond. If your that sort of person and would like to have a career in social care Premier Community are hiring at the moment and we would love to hear from you.