How A Riser Recliner Chair Can Help You At Home

As you spend more time at home, you need to make sure you’re comfortable and taking care of your body. Here we explain how a riser recliner chair can help and make your life that bit easier…

When you spend more time at home, it’s likely you will want to relax and put your feet up. It’s so important to not only be comfortable when you do this but also choose furniture that will help you in other ways too. One of the most common chairs for this is a rise recliner chair and it’s the perfect choice to both aid with health and mobility as well as let you lean back and put your feet up at the end of a long day. Here we take a look at what it is and just how a riser recliner chair can help you at home.

riser recliner chair

What is a riser recliner chair?

A riser recliner is a chair that works by a rising and reclining mechanism that means it tilts when you need it to, helping you to get into or out of the chair, as well as provide maximum comfort when seated. Poor posture can be a common issue that leads to cramps or other issues and these chairs can help remedy this. They are the ideal choice for those who struggle to get in and out of a chair without assistance, enabling them more independence when getting about at home.

How can a riser recliner chair benefit you?

If you are someone that has bad posture, finds it difficult to get in and out of a chair unaided or have a medical condition that means you need to keep changing your seated position, or that you need to keep your legs elevated, a riser recliner chair is sure to benefit you. Below we list how a riser recliner can help you.

It can alleviate pain

One of the best things about riser recliner chairs is that they offer flexible positioning. This means it’s easy for you to get into a position that is the most comfortable for you and can help you to alleviate pain that you might be experiencing. You can also keep the weight off any painful areas of the body thanks to the elevated positioning of the chair.

It encourages better posture

Another way how a riser recliner chair can help you is it can encourage better posture. Bad posture can lead to a range of complications such as restricted blood flow, joint degeneration, back and neck pain, and more. A riser recliner doesn’t let you slouch or sit in a bad position, improving your posture. It also supports your spine and enables you to rest in a natural and comfortable position, supporting the body’s natural shape. Some models have a number of presets included that enable you to do things such as fully reclining should you want a nap and don’t want to be sat in a poor position for a period of time. You could also have a full recline, zero gravity neutral position and a set TV position.

It can help to stimulate circulation

Good circulation is important as otherwise, you could suffer from many conditions such as diabetes, Raynaud’s and arthritis. It also enables blood and oxygen to flow better through your body, improving your organ’s functions, increasing your mental capacity and helping any wounds to heal faster than they would do otherwise. By elevating your feet in a riser recliner this can massively help to improve your circulation, plus certain models include massage features that can help you to manage any symptoms of poor circulation.

It can help you get in and out of your chair if you have poor mobility

If you have poor mobility or struggle with getting into or out of a chair, a riser recliner offers a simple solution, enabling you to retain some independence at home. Riser recliner chairs can raise you to your feet at the touch of a button, helping to gently get you into a standing position without putting any strain on your bones or joints. Similarly, when you want to sit down, it can riser to your level allowing you to effortlessly reach a seated position. This means you don’t have to wait around for someone to come and help you should you need to get up to pop to the toilet or to get a cup of tea. Being able to regularly get up and down will also help facilitate healthy movement and encourage you to do different things during the day instead of being stuck in your chair.

There are many types of riser recliners on the market so it’s down to you to find the best riser recliner chair for you. Consider your own personal needs as well as the sort of look you would like. Some chairs come with additional support and features, while others can be more basic depending on what you’re after. For more information on how a riser recliner chair can help you or to purchase one, please get in touch, we would love to help.