Top Reasons To Get A New Mobility Scooter

mobility scooter

On the search for a mobility scooter to help you get around? Here we have listed the top reasons to get a new mobility scooter and how it can benefit you…

Thanks to the internet, purchasing a new mobility scooter has never been so easy. With a few clicks of a button, you can search for a new mobility scooter and read the reviews that other users have written. There are many benefits to buying a new mobility scooter – you’ll benefit from an increase in safety, it will be more reliable and you can choose the exact model that you are looking for. Whether you are looking to buy your first mobility scooter or if you already own one and are considering replacing it with a new one, below are our top reasons to get a new mobility scooter. 

reasons to get a new mobility scooter

You can get the exact specifications that you require 

An exciting part of purchasing a new mobility scooter is that you can choose the exact specification you want. Unlike buying second-hand, you have the flexibility to browse the market and find one specifically suited to you. Buying second hand you have to choose one that is readily available. You will get to choose your favourite colour, any additional accessories that you may require, the equipment and much more. 

Increase in safety 

As technology improves, better safety features are developed onto new mobility scooters making them safer than previous models. These features can include reverse warning sirens, automatic speed reduction, easy drive direction stability, superior suspension system and much more. By purchasing a new mobility scooter you can take advantage of these new safety features. This can put your mind at ease when exploring with your mobility scooter on the road or streets. 

You’ll get a full manufacturer warranty

Another in our list of reasons to get a new mobility scooter is the warranty. When purchasing a new mobility scooter with Premier Community, you will be covered with a one-year manufacturer warranty from the date of your purchase. The warranty gives peace of mind that if anything does go wrong with the mobility scooter, you are covered and it won’t cost to repair it.

It will be more reliable 

Overall, buying a new mobility scooter is likely to be more reliable than purchasing a second-hand one. It won’t have any damage that could result in it breaking down and will have a better battery life. By buying new, you know it’s going to be working at its best, helping you travel to the distance it states. The technology will also improve its reliability.

Improved technology 

Improved technology helps with the safety of a mobility scooter and also makes them more appealing overall. The comfort of new mobility scooters are improving, technology has allowed them to be more efficient, many models are lighter and can be folded more easily to fit car boots Upgrades to the batteries and tyres have resulted in an increase in performance and technology like tablets and USB ports are built into the designs. 


There are many reasons to get a new mobility scooter. We recommend researching the market to choose the one that matches your requirements and fits the budget you’re after. If you need any advice, call us at Premier Community so we can assist you with your search for a new mobility scooter.