Home care comments that make us proud at Premier Community

Elderly carer sitting with two of her patients in the care home. They are enjoying some cake and tea.

Your home care comments make us proud. We know our Care Teams go above and beyond to look after our service users but some of your comments have been especially pleasing this year. As we draw near to the end of 2021 we would like to simply share some of them with you and say thank you for the encouragement.

December 2021 publication in homecare.co.uk

“My dad has recently returned home after stays in hospital and a rehabilitation centre. He required additional support on his return. Nothing has been any problem for Premier Care, quickly putting in additional care. Providing support for myself when involving other services. I have been involved with every step and kept well informed, I am very impressed with this.
On the day my dad needed to go to the hospital, the carer contacted me and ensured my dad was calm and safe until I arrived at his house. They were able to tell the paramedics exactly what they noticed when visiting my dad. Keep up the good work Premier at all levels”.

“Highly impressed by the responsivity of the management of Premier Community. We have a fiercely independent 97-year-old Godmother. She is quite challenging, in that she is finding it difficult to accept that she needs support. She no longer has the ability to give reliable answers to relatively straightforward questions. The manager has been superb and doesn’t just listen to information about our Godmother and her current needs, but inputs those suggestions immediately so that the various carers can feel more confident that they can be effective. Also a valuable resource for answers about practical things, such as sweets which can assist elderly people who are at risk of becoming dehydrated. Very reassuring. Please thank the carers for all their hard work”.

…and theres more

“My whole experience with Premier Community has been outstanding from the management to the care staff. The care team who have been supporting my dad have been extremely caring, kind and patient. Some mornings my dad really struggles but the team are very reassuring and encouraging and never rushes him. My dad is treated with respect every day and they have built a lovely rapport with him. It is very reassuring knowing my dad is cared for properly and I would 100% recommend this company to anyone looking for care for their loved ones”.

September 2021 publication in homecare.co.uk

 “All staff treat Mum with manners, they treat her as an individual – Picking up on her way of doing things. They are professional and make Mum feel at ease in their company. Thank you”.

Two more home care comments that make us proud

July 2021 publication in homecare.co.uk

All the carers are very helpful, friendly and have time for me. The only slight complaint is my morning call is a little early at 06:30 am, would prefer at 07:30 am. Nothing is too much trouble, far better than the previous company I had. Management is very nice and helpful too.

“We have been very impressed by the care package which has been provided. The services they offer were far more than we originally expected. The care given has changed as Dad regained strength and his ability to self-care. It has been so reassuring to know that someone was calling in regularly through the day to ensure that he was safe and well and to provide him with food and drinks whilst he was unable to get these for himself.

Originally they had to shower and dress him as well as prepare meals and prompt him to take his medication and do his physio exercises. As he regains the use of his broken arm they have been prepared to simply ensure that he has been able to manage these things himself. At times they must have wondered why they needed to call but simply having someone there to ask if he’s ok and make him a hot drink is reassurance to us and so valuable to the family. The package of care has been free of charge to date but as a family, we would be more than happy to pay”.

April 2021 publication in homecare.co.uk

“Premier Community care staff and management went above and beyond with the care provided for my mum during her end of life care. On all occasions, mum was treated with respect, everything was explained to mum, the carers were friendly and approachable to all the family. My mum’s dignity was protected and maintained throughout her care. Thank you to all involved, an excellent service provided”

We have reason to be so proud of these comments. They tell us we are achieving what we set out to do, however, there is still work to do. We still want to strive towards future improvement. I’m sure you will agree with us that these comments are first class. You can read more of them at homecare.co.uk the leading guild to homecare in the UK

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