Help is at Hand

You will be well aware from the media of the social care crisis around the country at the moment. Everyone is finding a lack of provision for home care. Whether it’s the Local authorities finding placements for funded service users. Or the under-pressure NHS in their winter crisis. Leaving hard-pressed self-funding service users trying to find provision for their loved ones in the maze of social care. Well, help is at hand!

Home Care with Premier Community

Specialist Help at Hand

At Premier Community, we have responded to the crisis by adding a dedicated helpline for our self-funding service users. Gill Isterling is there for you to talk through your questions about the provision of home care and signpost you to the relevant help. Importantly she will ensure your small voice is heard loudly in our booking system should you wish to engage our services, battling for your place and guiding you through the set-up of care. This has already proved invaluable for enquirers. Having one point of contact to guild you with a friendly voice to talk to has added value for our enquirers.

“Its been really good to talk, thanks for all your help”

“This is a fab add on to services, your so kind Gill”

“what a great idea!”

Help is at Hand
Help is at hand in the form of our new support team featuring Gill Isterling

Gill says, “It’s a challenging time for families, and the care system can be so complicated, especially when you are in a crisis. It is good to have someone alongside on the journey. “Gill went on to say, “I am excited to see the next phase of our plans that will help people get the help they need”.

We have spare capacity in our different location areas for self-funding or part-funded service users and Gill can help secure your booking. Here are some easy ways to get in touch.

Help at Hand Contact Details

You can contact us via our web page chat line.
by email:
by telephone: 01623 810100 

Or Gill is available Wednesday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm 01623 374283 to speak to in person.

Face to face at our showroom with Gill or one of our Showroom Managers. Kings Mill Hospital, Woodseats Sheffield, Ilkeston or Carlton Nottingham.