A Guide To The Best Walking Aids

guide to the best walking aids

If you are finding it difficult walking around like you used to, it might be time to invest in a walking aid. There are many types of aid so we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the best walking aids that should help make it a little clearer…

Walking aids have come a long way in recent years and if you require assistance getting around, there are many options to choose from. It could be that you need something for when you are out and about, something that can aid you in your home, or just occasional support if you are feeling unsteady or ill. Here we have put together a guide to the best walking aids that will help you out.

guide to the best walking aids
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guide to the best walking aids

If you are recovering from a recent operation and need something to help you get around, crutches are an ideal choice. There are an array of different types that can suit. Some include padded forearm support to help distribute your body weight more evenly, others come with adjustable grips and some are a bit more basic. The type you choose depends on your budget, how long you will need them for and how often you think you will use them.


guide to the best walking aids

A rollator is a wheeled walker (similar to a zimmer frame but with the ability to move on wheels.) One of the best walking aids, they tend to have either three or four weeks and are a practical option when looking for support. Thanks to their larger wheels, they do well on uneven surfaces and can be folded should you wish to carry it out in the car. Many rollators feature a space to store items such as your shopping or things you pick up around the house and are sturdy yet lightweight to offer maximum stability and easy manoeuvrability.


guide to the best walking aids

A tri-walker is similar to a rollator but only ever has three wheels. A tri-walker is easy to manoeuver and tends to feature a small, light frame that makes for easy storage and portability. Most tri-walkers come with seats as well as storage bags that are ideal when heading out to shop. They also tend to feature brakes that can be locked for additional confidence and support when out and about.

Walking Frames

guide to the best walking aids

Walking frames (commonly referred to as Zimmer frames) are similar to walkers but don’t tend to come with a full set of wheels. They tend to be made from lightweight aluminium that is designed to provide a support base for improved balance and peace of mind when moving. They are easy to use, to wipe clean and because they don’t have wheels they are very stable. Make sure you choose a frame that is the right height for you and keep in mind that due to it not having wheels you will need to lift it with each step. If you get tired fast or are quite weak in the arms, it might be better to opt for one with wheels.

Walking Sticks and Canes

guide to the best walking aids

Walking sticks have evolved from the old-fashioned cane you might be imagining. Nowadays there is a whole host of walking sticks on the market from folding walking sticks to those with three or four feet for additional support. Tripod sticks can be a good idea if you have trouble bending down as they won’t fall to the ground and need to be picked up. Adjustable and folding walking sticks are great to pop in your bag and you can use them should you find yourself tiring when you are out and about or just find you need additional support.


best walking aids

If you find you need an additional level of aid when getting about, the best walking aid for you might be a wheelchair. As with the other items, there is a range of wheelchairs on the market, from lightweight wheelchairs to electric, folding and self-propeller ones. Each has its own benefits and it’s down to you to decide how often you will use it and where you will need it for.

These are some of the best walking aids that can help you to retain your independence and feel much safer getting about. It can be an idea to use a combination of walking aids depending on where you are going or how long you will be on your feet. We have a wide range of the best walking aids and are on hand to help find the right one for you. Please get in touch to find out more.