25 Years Charity Celebrations

Premier Community has launched its 25 years charity celebrations. Our Community Registered Managers have each chosen a local project to support with a one-off donation from Premier Community. Local staff are keen to join in the fun with small events and planned open days at our showrooms. The company has promised to match fund any donations at the end of the 25th year. It gives us a chance to come together, have fun and team build as well as support some excellent charities.

We had a lovely Ashgate Hospice visit to start our 25 years charity celebrations. Staff at Premier Community are already working together with the community hospice staff in Chesterfield and the surrounding area. So when we asked the Amanda Winnard Registered Manager for Chesterfield and South Yorkshire to choose their 25-year Celebration Charity, it seemed the obvious choice. We’ve also followed up that work with donations to one of the wards for personal hygiene items and joined in the ‘Name a star’ at Christmas time.

Its a pleasure to support such a wonderful charity as Ashgate Hospice
Amanda Winnard Chesterfield and South Yorkshire Team handing over our 25 years charity celebrations cheque to Lynn Jones from Ashgate Hospice

Our first Donation

Ashgate Hospice is a wonderful place. Tucked away in a peaceful, beautiful scenic area with extensive gardens for those receiving care at the hospice. The volunteers and staff are kind. professional, and caring. They made us feel really welcome, despite the obvious need for Covid19 restrictions. Congratulations to Ashgate in shortlisting for a prestigious Royal College of Nurses infection control award for keeping patients safe and the community safe.

Ashgate Hospice more than a worth while cause for our 25 years charity celebrations donation

The Freedom Community Project

Our North East Derbyshire Team continued the 25 years charity celebrations by choosing The Freedom Project. An amazing charity with lovely people! helping when ‘crisis’ hits in North East Derbyshire. Food parcels, welfare advice, etc., with lovely cafe spaces to go for the company. Tracey Marsden visited in November to hand over our cheque. We also plan to set up a food parcel station for our staff to donate items for the project in Shirebrook.

We want to continue our support by arranging ‘food drop off points for those who would like to give away a can or two when they are able.

Tracey Marsden handing our 25 years charity celebrations cheque to Volunteers at the Freedom Project in Shirebrook

John Eastwood Hospice and Tree Tops Hospice

We are looking forward to continuing our 25 years charity celebrations in March. Making donations to the John Eastwood Hospice chosen by our Nottinghamshire Team and the Tree Tops Hospice chosen by the Mid and South Derbyshire Teams.

If you would like to contribute to any of these amazing organisations please click on our links and visit their websites.

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