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Our mission in community living

Our proud history in care and mobility

As our family business has grown we have worked tirelessly to keep our focus clearly on what makes our diverse home care and mobility services unique and of a high quality.

Initially we built our reputation on providing carers who shared my mother’s compassion and nursing outlook on care. We now instil those caring values in everything we do, from selection and training, through to world class live support.  

Our brand has now evolved to look at all the ways we can encourage premier community living

– Dan Isterling, Managing Director

Our Care Heritage

Our ‘Premier Care’ brand started out life in 1996 when a hard-working nurse Gill Isterling decided to launch her own community services.

From there the brand began cleaning services and then care services. Such was the quality, the business soon grew in size, and demand for services grew. By early 2006, Premier employed 100 carers and had multiple council and NHS contracts. This led to the business taking on further generations in the family to help run and ensure our values remain the same.

In 2018 the business decided to branch out and create more physical locations on the high street. This led to the acquisition of  ‘KMA Mobility’ in Ilkeston. This business again was a family a run mobility shop in operation for over 15 years and had much-aligned qualities to Premier Community

Our Mobility Vision

We want to create a Mobility Shop in a similar way to how we have created our successful person-centred Home Care services.

Our customers will always know they are safe, and that they are getting good value for money on trusted products.

All of our ambition is underlined by our core business values.

Joe Isterling – Managing Director

Our care mission is to support people to remain independent in their community.

Premier Community is an award-winning family business that provides home care services.

With over 20 years of experience, innovation and dedication to our mission to make a difference for our service users.

We are proud of our compassionate home care solutions designed to help people meet their own individual outcomes.

Our Values

To make sure that we continue to provide great quality care to all of our service users we have four values that feed into every element of what we do.

Person Centered

Each customer is different and has different needs. We will always make our service tailored to the individual.

Quality And Service
Quality And Service

We ensure we set out to deliver our services as if they were to our own families. That is the benchmark.

Award Winning Family Business
Family Business

As a award winning family-run business, we hold high moral standards which are reflected in our customer care.

Experience And Heritage
Experience And Heritage

We serve each local community by looking to our roots and successes over our 20+ year history.

Our Mission And Vision

At Premier Community, we believe that everyone has the right to keep their independence and dignity. That’s why all of our carers are trained to look at things from the perspective of our clients. Helping us to provide home-based care packages of the highest quality.

We understand that everyone’s needs are different and so every care package we deliver is different. This ethos has a big influence on our care teams too, because high quality training and a compassionate culture means our carers are attentive to your needs. Whatever help you may require, we’re here to ensure you or your loved ones achieve the best level of care at home.

Premier Community provide compassionate elderly home care to service users. We develop a care plan which is personalised to suit the specific conditions and requirements of the service user.

We help people with a variety of disabilities to live independently in their own homes. Through our care packages we are able to provide support for disabled service users, to help them with any tasks they require.

Moving from child to adult care services can be daunting, our carers are able to help smooth the transition. We can provide care services to help young people live safely and independently.

Everyone has the right to live a happy and fulfilling life – and mental health shouldn’t be a barrier to this.

We can provide high quality home-based care, support and assistance to adults who need it, to help them live as independently as possible.

Our Leadership Team

Premier Community is a family-run business which was started over 22 years ago by Gill Isterling, since then the business has grown, and is now run by her five Isterling sons. As a family run business, we hold high moral standards which are reflected in our standard of care.

Tracey Poole

Dan Isterling

Managing Director

Ange Cowan

Tracey Poole

Care Director

Tracy Marsden

Nicola Marsh

Business Operations Manager

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