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Use our Home care cost calculator to get an estimate of your care costs.

It can be a sensitive time to arrange the care for yourself or a loved one. The last worry is sometimes about cost. However, Home Care costs can be expensive and we have always tried to be as open and transparent as possible. Use our calculator to get an idea of Premier Community’s Home Care cost.

Our rates start from £19.50 for 1-hour visits. As the visit time decreases below 60 minutes although it is overall cheaper, the cost to deliver care from a travel point of view increases. Therefore we recommend 1-hour visits for quality and value.

If you don’t want to use our calculator for an estimate alternatively, you can chat with us online, in-store or if you’d rather speak to someone directly – don’t hesitate to request a callback or just give us a call on:

  • 01623 810100

If you’ve got a more general query and you’re not in a hurry, please use our contact form.

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