MiniFinder® Nano GPS Personal Safety Alarm

Sometimes confidence is the biggest barrier to independence. The Minifinder Nano is a next-generation solution that does much more than a standard lifeline.

We have chosen to partner with this device for its simple functionality that removes the need to be limited to your home and brilliant battery life.

Breaking down barriers to community living from as little as £5.25 per week

We have partnered with Swedish manufacturers ‘Minifinder‘ to be the UK retailer of a next-generation patented personal alarm

MiniFinder® Nano features

  • SOS Panic Alarm
  • Entry and Exit notifications
  • Loss of GPS signal notification
  • Remote Configuration
  • Built-in Falling Sensor
  • Two-way calling function
  • Real-time positioning
  • Low Battery Alarm Notifications
  • Auto Answers Incoming Calls
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Premier Community Customer Support and Setup
  • Upgrade Bluetooth for in-home positioning

Free Delivery

Free 14 day returns

Delivery 1-3 days

No long term contracts

MiniFinder® Nano Options

£210 Purchase and pay as you go
£210 Purchase and pay as you go

Every outright purchase comes with 3 months of free connectivity.

£210 Purchase and bulk buy connectivity
£210 Purchase and bulk buy connectivity

Buy up to 24 months of extra connectivity at
£1.50 per week

From £84 Deposit and 6* £21 per month
From £84 Deposit and 6* £21 per month

Interest-free finance. 3 Months Free connectivity included

7000+ Customers

Over 25 countries

60000+ Units sold

Premier Community Tested

Indoor & Outdoor Positioning

MiniFinder Nano offers an effective security solution, regardless of the user’s location. The GPS alarm provides tracking in real-time for all selected receivers and stores all gathered data for a full year. Nano supports eSIM, Bluetooth and WIFI-chips, which provide the user with both indoor and outdoor tracking. The device can be used in all countries offering GSM/GPRS-coverage.

Simple, Elegant and Flexible.

Practical Design

Both the device and the strap are produced from durable silicone materials. Wear the device either around your wrist or around your neck on a lanyard. Attach the magnetic cable to the device to receive a sufficient charging process. The standard battery life totals to 120 hours in standby mode and approximately 24 hours in active use.

Pulse Sensor and Fall Alarm

Nano is equipped with several smart alarm functions. The device sends an automatic alarm, if the pulse exceeds or falls below a preset value, or after a falling accident. Nano enables you to monitor the user’s physical condition and to receive an alarm notification in case of sudden emergencies.

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