Personal Care Services

From a recent survey, 100% of our clients said they were treated with dignity and respect.

At Premier Community we are committed to providing person-centred care.

We recognise that each person has a particular set of needs and a way they like things done. Whether you need some help with bathing or support with your meals, Premier Community support workers are trained to provide an individual and personal experience.

The benefits of personal care services

Personal care and support can make a big different to someone’s well-being and quality of life. Home care can provide you extra help with whatever you may find difficult or unmanageable day to day. This could be assistance in getting up and ready in the morning, or assistance with medications. Personal care services can be an important part of enabling you to live independently in your own home.

Our personal care services also take into consideration health conditions associated with aging, including life-changing illnesses like dementia and Parkinson’s. At Premier Community our Support Workers are well-trained in providing care services with dignity and respect, suited to your specific requirements.

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