Aquila Bathlift

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The Aquila Bathlift is one of the lightest battery-powered reclining bath lifts available and is easily adapted for paediatric use.

Low seat height provides good water immersion
Made from sturdy glass-filled polypropylene (PP)
Bathlift provides safe and effortless transfers
Supportive backrest with angle adjustment
Product Features

Bathlift provides safe and effortless transfers to/from the bottom of the bath for washing and relaxing
Supportive backrest with angle adjustment increases comfort for users with stiff hips or spinal problems (e.g. Scoliosis, Kyphosis)
Streamlined, high backrest design increases shoulder, neck and/or head support without the need for an additional headrest
Compact design folds flat and optimises legroom even when fully reclined for generous transfer/bathing space
Low seat height provides good water immersion
Choice of easily fitted accessories allows use in a wide range of baths and by children
One of the lightest reclining bath lifts available at only 9.6kg (21lb)
Streamlined design enables space-saving storage and transportation
Separates into 2 lightweight sections for safer fitting and removal
Robust sucker release handle allows easy detachment from the bath surface
Unique, open base frame facilitates easy cleaning of bath and lift
4 large, pivoting suction feet allow stable fit on curved bath surfaces and enable positioning at the back of the bath for increased legroom
Supplied with 2 side flap protectors for unobstructed movement over integral bath handles
Waterproof, slim line hand control with large textured rocker switches can be operated by people with limited dexterity or visual impairment
Battery level indicator light monitors when recharging is required and Stop Descent™ feature prevents bathlift from lowering without sufficient battery power to rise
Made from sturdy glass filled polypropylene (PP)
Suitable for thermal decontamination in automated washing machines (excluding battery)
Warranty – 5 years on frame/seat, 2 years on consumables and 1 year on battery and accessories